Game 159: Does this team even deserve to be in the playoffs?

20 thoughts on “Game 159: Does this team even deserve to be in the playoffs?

  1. Sabrina

    Well it's only the first inning and the blue jays are playing like they have a play off spot. Hughes can't even get his curve all over and he is giving up long fly balls. This isn't a team I look forward to watching in the playoffs. In 2009, they were magical. You knew they would win. If after the sixth inning , we are losing. I give up and count it as a loss,

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      I'm giggling like a small boy!

      • Sabrina

        Why? Lol

        • LarryAtIIATMS

          It's not like MY powers of prediction are better than yours. But if the Yanks go on to score 7 runs after the 6th inning, my site access allows me to delete any evidence of my failed prophecy.

          • Remind me to get the keys from you next time. (kidding of course!)

          • Sabrina

            Ofcousre after I say that they score in the 7th. Maybe thy heard me. I rather a win than being right most of the time on this one!

  2. Anders

    Also; who the h*** is Zach Stewart ?

  3. BIll

    This team is shot. They make the wild card game simply because of the mathematics, but they're out in a hurry. And this team is displaying all the signs that the Red Sox did last year. I don't think the Yanks will lose 90+ games next year, but a season right around .500 isn't out of the question, either.

    Just saw the Lawrie home run. They're done. BIg time changes will be made. Count on it.

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      Other than that the Yanks won ten more games in September, 2012 than the Red Sox won in September 2011? Other than that the Yanks won more games in September 2012 than the Red Sox won combined in September 2011 and September 2012? Other than that the Red Sox team ERA in September 2011 was more than a point and a half higher than the Yanks' team ERA in September 2012 (and if you look just at the starting pitchers, the ERA difference grows to more than two and a half points)? Other than that the Yanks lost two games in the standings to the O's in September 2012, while the Red Sox dropped ten games in the standings to the Rays in September 2011?

      Yes, so long as I ignore the facts, I get your point.

  4. Reality check

    Fans like you guys make me sick!

  5. adam

    Yeah, this post and the comments here are pretty disgusting. The Yanks have had a blast of injuries and are still a game out of first place in the league, boasting the best run differential in the league. I get that the last month has been tough, but… that's baseball. I expect better from this site, honestly…

  6. Do the Yankees deserve to be in the playoffs? What kind of a question is that? I thought I was reading a different blog for a moment.

    • Hey, give young Gabe a break for a second. He's just breathing in too much tabloid panic.

  7. OldYanksFan

    Anyone know our record against Texas? I counted 4-3 for us, but we had to play more then 7 games, yes? A swwep og the Sox and we may well have best record in the AL (as Texas plays Oakland in Oakland).

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      Nope, it was 7 games, 4-3 Yanks. If you look at the other three likely playoff teams, the Yanks split the season series with Baltimore and Oakland, and beat Texas 6-4.

      All this plus maybe the best record in the A.L. Too bad that's not enough to deserve a playoff spot.

  8. lazlosother

    If NY wins the division or the wild card they deserve to be in the playoffs. That simple. It's a long season and oddly enough all of it counts. Breast-beating at this point does no good. Make the playoffs and it's a whole new season.

    NY isn't a perfect team, but I don't see a perfect team out there. As fans let's just relax and enjoy the drama. Hopefully it leads to the post season, "another bag" as Marley would sing.

    Relax, lively up yourself, enjoy, root hard. Otherwise fandom just isn't worth it.

  9. LarryAtIIATMS

    Anyone here know the Yanks' W-L percentage for the month of September? .607. Maybe the game has changed since I last wrote stuff around here, but in my day a .607 winning percentage was considered to be good baseball.

    The Yanks posted the same record in September as Oakland. Yeah, the O's had the best record in the A.L in September, but they gained exactly two games on the Yanks in September. The Yanks had a better record in September than the Tigers, Rangers, Nats, Cards and Reds.

    Everyone here needs to take a deep cleansing breath. Inhale to a count of five. Exhale to a count of ten. Repeat as necessary.

  10. LarryAtIIATMS

    Some more rationality.

    On the hitting side of the ledger, the Yanks have the best wOBA in baseball, and they're tied with the Rangers for the top spot in slugging. If you prefer wRC+ to wOBA, then the Yanks have the second best wRC+ in baseball, trailing the Angels by one point.

    Turn to pitching. The Yanks are fifth in the A.L. in team E.R.A. — a ways behind the A's, but only .07 behind the Tigers and ahead of the O's and Rangers. But the numbers look better if you (like me) prefer advanced statistics — the Yanks are third in the A.L in team xFIP and third in team SIERA — in each case behind the Tigers but ahead of the other three likely playoff teams.

    On the question of "what have you done for me lately" — in September, the Yanks were fourth in the A.L. in team xFIP and fifth in team SIERA, in each case ahead of the Os and As. They were third in team wOBA and tied for third in team wRC+ in September.

    I don't mean to get all rational on y'all … but if five teams deserve to make the playoffs, and the Yanks are no worse than 4th in any of the categories I've mentioned, I think the team is "deserving".

  11. Gabe, looks like you woke Larry. Be afraid.

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