I demand All-Stars for my bench!

So given a rather agitated state upon waking today, I did what I always do in these situations: hit up the rags for a good laugh or seven. And when you’re pining for Ramiro Pena, you are most definitely not letting me down. And yes, I mean that quite literally:

But Girardi has made it clear the Yankees consider Nuñez a shortstop, and a shortstop only, and made it even clearer on Saturday they don’t consider him a very good one.

That means no more days off for Jeter or Cano the rest of the way. No DH days. No opportunities for a breather between now and the start of the postseason a week from yesterday.

Suddenly, Ramiro Peña — smiling, pleasant, harmless little El Niño — seems like a guy the Yankees would really like to have around these days.

There are four games left in the season and the Yankees are in a dead even tie for first place: Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano had darn well better be playing everyday! If anything, that was my only problem with Girardi’s move to replace Nunez with Jeter in the field yesterday. Given the expanded rosters they’re playing with, “losing the DH’ was completely meaningless given the number of potential pinch hitters on the bench, so from that vantage point I actually like that Girardi wasn’t afraid to push the envelope. But if you’re that uncomfortable with Nunez being out there, you really should have just started Jeter in the first place. I understand the concerns about playing Jeter on the turf, but this isn’t May or July or even August. You’ve got to put your foot down on the gas from here on out and not worry about nagging injuries or age quite so much.

But it gets better, so much better:

Obviously, the Yankees need a healthy Jeter, Cano and A-Rod to have any chance to advance very far into October.

But the fact that a team with the resources of the Yankees farm system and a $200 million-plus payroll can’t come up with anyone more reliable than Eduardo Nuñez to back those guys up with is not just alarming. It is mind-boggling.

Yes, obviously the Yankees couldn’t possibly replace Cano or Jeter if they got hurt now, but still, why don’t they have an All-Star on their bench ahead of Eduardo Nunez?! You know, like Ramiro Pena!


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12 thoughts on “I demand All-Stars for my bench!

  1. Pathetic, pathetic performance offensively. The Yankee offense had chance after chance to score multiple runs in the first 5 innings. But after the initial 2 runs in the very 1st inning nothing. Chances lost with bases loaded and no outs, 2nd and 3rd with 1 out 1st and 2nd with no outs. Time after time coming up empty. And making matters even worse the batters getting called out on 3rd strike or pop up to the infielders. Absolutely pathetic.

    • I suppose I might be overreacting, but this is the first time since 2008 that I don’t expect the Yankees to do anything at all in October. With the inconsistency the offense is showing all season, I wouldn’t bet a new pair of socks on them beating any of the other American League playoff contenders in the ALDS.

      • Good to know I'm not the only person feeling this way. Next year is the time to start trusting the younger guys and not rely on overused vets like Jones and Ibanez.

    • This a result of their home run or nothing offense. What's wrong with playing hit and run once and awhile? Bunting to move runners over? I think Girardi summed up their offense quite succinctly when he said "We're the Bronx Bombers, not the Bronx Bunters.". There's a reason they haven't won a game so far this season when they're trailing after 8 innings. Because, IMHO, instead of doing the little things to score runs, they're all up there trying to hit 5 run HRs.

  2. I should have also mentioned. Andruw Jones has absolutely no business being in the line up against either right or left handed pitchers. He needs to be DFA.

  3. True – with an entire day of fail to choose from, the best he could come up with was wishing for Pena?

  4. Its the home runs, the yankees cannot score without hitting the ball out, its been this way going on 2 years now. The homer is great, its sure runs on the board but sometimes a base hit gets the job done, keep the lineup turning over. And by the way, as much as you guys here hate Nunez, he was the only guy who hit the ball hard yesterday…and got robbed twice.

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