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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

6 thoughts on “No rotation changes made for Boston series

  1. I think it is still better than Freddy Garcia or using 3 day rest on Kuroda IMO.
    David Phelps also hasn't started in awhile.
    Nova will probably start even if the Yankees are behind or tied with Orioles. Girardi just might have to get the bullpen warmed up around 3rd inning…..

    • I'm not wild about using Kuroda on short rest, but I think he'd be a lot more likely to keep the Yankees in the game for 4-5 innings at least than Nova would be.

  2. I' with you Brien, I miss the days of spending september watching call ups and the beginning of foobtall season!

  3. Nova/Freddy/Phelps/ – and after they've been knocked out, anyone else for the last 5 innings. Put Nick in for the 9th – he has an ERA of 0.00.