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11 thoughts on “Banuelos to get Tommy John surgery

  1. the yankees history of health issues continues, you can't help but wonder if it is bad luck or incompetence, probably a little bit of both.

  2. There's a big enough sample to point to incompetence. Hell, we just rushed Teixeira back when he had no business being on a baseball field. The handling of Pineda's missing velocity was also very questionable.

  3. Or maybe just a matter of reaching a bit too far, taking a few extra chances – since with their record, they hardly ever get the first pick in the draft.

    The "sure things" are usually gone by the time the Yankees get to do anything. Tho it would be nice to make a few nice late round picks, every now and then.

    • We're talking about injuries not the draft. And Banuelos was an IFA anyway, so this doesn't apply. But if we're going to talk about their drafting it's been dog shit since about 2006, more than enough of a sample to question our scouting even if you want to excuse some of it for our draft position. Jeremy Bliech, Cito Culver, Dante Bichette Jr… a lot of these picks were laughed at the day they were made.

      Our drafing sucks and our medical staff apparently sucks too.

  4. Yankee's also have some history of drafting players with an injury risk- that was their strategy to get talent at the lower levels

    • Thank-you, David. That was my point, even if I wasn't clear enough.

      Wasn't even speaking to the team's handling of who it had, but more in reference to who it brought in. Risk vs reward, that kind of thing. Obviously, works both ways – Cito is healthy as a horse. And will likely not be another Jeter.

      • It still doesn't apply to Banuelos since he was an IFA. Brackman was the only one known to have an injury that I can recall and Betances had elbow issues in high school (I think). Brackman was considered a huge reach in the first round, consensus was that we could've had him over slot later like we did with Betances. Unless someone has other examples I don't think there's a history beyond those two for drafting injury risks.

  5. At least Banuelos wasn't called up. This doesn't count against his service time, as it does Pineda, who was on the major league DL.

  6. I'd have to question the competence of the medical staff here. Seems the same thing happened with Gardner. Why did it take 6 months to determine Baneulos needed surgery? If it had been done right afterwards, he could have been back in May or June next year. Now, he's likely to miss the entire season, pushing his development back possibly a year or 2, if not more..

    • Early indications would make it appear that the injury has worsened of late or something like that. Cashman was pretty blunt that if he had needed TJS earlier he would have gotten it.