Game 162: It’s in Their Hands

Boston Red Sox New York Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF Derek Jeter, SS
Dustin Pedroia, 2B Ichiro Suzuki, LF
Daniel Nava, LF Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Cody Ross, RF Robinson Cano, 2B
James Loney, 1B Nick Swisher, RF
Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C Mark Teixeira, 1B
Ryan Lavarnway, DH Curtis Granderson, CF
Pedro Ciriaco, 3B Raul Ibanez, DH
Jose Iglesias, SS Russell Martin, C
Daisuke Matsuzaka, SP Hiroki Kuroda, SP

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m., on YES. Let’s go Yankees!

Domenic is a staff writer for It's About the Money, and the host of the It's About the Money Stupid podcast. By day, he is a mild-mannered real estate attorney on Long Island, and an aspiring intellectual degenerate.

192 thoughts on “Game 162: It’s in Their Hands

  1. Professor Longnose

    No. 3 for Longoria!

    • Phil C

      They’re returning last year’s favor. I love a team that pays its debts.

  2. Professor Longnose

    Smilin’ Nick.

  3. Phil C

    Where are all those guys who were complaining about the Yankee collapse? And the ones who think Girardi should be fired? Or that Ibby was useless?

    I have used great will power to avoid “Where Have All the Doubters Gone.”

    • Professor Longnose

      Right here.

      • Phil C

        WOW!! How many different personalities do you have?

        I’m not schizophrenic, but my other personality is.

        • Professor Longnose

          I complained at times about all three. In fairness, I was right.

          • Phil C

            I too complained at times, except about firing Girardi. But I was CERTAIN about my complaints.

          • smurfy

            i’ll give you that. Not wishywashy.

          • Phil C

            Are you calling me dirty?

  4. smurfy

    Looked like Russell reached in towrds the bouncing ball to distact Iglesias, as he was running by.

  5. Phil C

    Girardi should pitch Warren in the 9th.

    Hmmm, maybe not, it’s been so long since he’s pitched, it may be setting him up for disaster.

    • Professor Longnose

      I’ll pitch the 9th.

      • Phil C

        I guess they’ll have to cut B. Robinson Cano from the roster. He’s a bum anyway, as long as they keep C. Robinson Cano.

        • Professor Longnose

          But we can agree that A. Robinson Cano should be DFA’d immediately?

          • Phil C

            4 sure. Easy decision. Now hurry up and get in uniform.

          • Professor Longnose

            Ah, they went with Freddy.

          • Phil C

            Sorry. I bet you could throw that hard.

  6. Phil C

    Robbie could really bust it open right here. Leave Roger McGuinn without ANY hope.

    • smurfy

      he’ll have to catch that horse if he can

      because they won’t catch us!

      • Phil C

        4 sure. If the Yanks win I’ll be Eight Miles High.

  7. Professor Longnose

    Come on, Teixeira, do some damage.

  8. Professor Longnose

    70 pitches through the first 6 innings. Nice game.

  9. Phil C

    I love it, the Yanks $10M import out pitched the Red Sucks $100+ import tonight.

  10. smurfy

    Sir Siriacco, I presume. We have to sign that guy for utility, after the RS cut him.

  11. Professor Longnose

    Champeens! Been a crazy season, but it worked out so far.

    • Phil C

      Champ beans? What are Champ beans?

  12. Professor Longnose

    Not the Bosox.

  13. Professor Longnose

    Double digits. Just for fun.

  14. Professor Longnose

    Nice to see Gardner get a hit.

  15. smurfy

    Brett’s got a bingle.

  16. Professor Longnose

    4-1 but two outs in the 9th.

  17. Professor Longnose

    Wow. The number of baserunners on when Teixeira comes up is amazing.

    • Phil C

      I know it’s going to take some time yo get his timing back, but damn he can afford a Cartier.

  18. Phil C

    If y’all don’t here from me it’s because I’ve been getting data base errors time & time again.

    • Professor Longnose

      Me, too. But seems to be back.

  19. Professor Longnose

    Bring in Soriano. He needs to work out his kinks. Getting days off anyway.

  20. Professor Longnose

    Michael Kay just confirmed, Sunday at either Baltimo’ or Texas.

    • Phil C

      Then it must be Saturday.

  21. smurfy

    aw, make me sad if that’s Adruw’s last ab. Damn Cervie hit it harder.

  22. Phil C

    Fibber at 2nd?

  23. smurfy

    Reds @ Giants sounds like a fun one.

  24. smurfy

    Freddie struck ’em out good.

  25. Phil C

    Celebrate, celebrate. Dance to the Music!

  26. Phil C

    Pennant! Best record in AL!!

  27. Phil C

    The Over the Hill Gang WINS!!!

  28. Phil C

    Power to the AARPers!

  29. smurfy

    hey, I want my champs t-shirt. Keep the hat.

    • Phil C

      I want one that says, “Chimps are Chumps for Champs.”

      • smurfy

        you and Clint Eastwood

        • Phil C

          I don’t talk to stools.

          Well, not too often.

  30. Phil C

    Chat y’all on Sunday!

  31. smurfy

    Amazing that they could lose 10 games of lead, then see the Birds in the rearview on our tail, and no more. Never let them take it.

    The Rangers just realized that they’ve got competition.

    Remember when we lost to Detroit last year? It was over all over sudden. Felt like we should yet come back.

    • Professor Longnose

      This seeding is nuts. Yanks wind up playing teams with almost the same record they had. The only team significantly worse is Detroit.

      • smurfy

        I don’t understand your complaint about seeding and the near-equivalence of records?

        • Professor Longnose

          The Yankees won 95 games and are the No. 1 seed. But they will wind up playing either Texas or Baltimore, who both won 93 games. The one significantly worse team is Detroit, which won 87 games, but the Yankees don’t draw them, even though theoretically the No. 1 seed gets to play the weakest team.

          • smurfy

            ah, so.

          • smurfy

            I quail from Verlander/Scherzer/Fister, so I had a priority in not understanding.

          • knightblaster

            Detroit has the worst record, but a dangerous team for a short series. It’s a PITA that they won the AL Central to be honest. Damned Black Sox.

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