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8 thoughts on “Maligned lineup decision not a big deal

  1. I have a real problem moving forward with ARod or Tex ($50+M) in the heart of the order with .230 averages with RISP… maybe Tex i the 6 spot, but this lineup continues to get filled out by salary and I am afraid its gonna be the doom of this playoffs…

  2. Sure there's those numbers and there's the .600 or so your cleanup hitter's hitting in the last eight games or so and that Tex just came off the DL and is playing injured. It got overblown because of the magnitude of the game and Tex had something like his worst game of the year and worst game of any hitter in the MLB this year (via another yankee blogger). I think it's the small common sense moves like this that bother people.

    • Well, alternatively, by stacking those four right handers in front of him you could be putting more guys on base for Cano to drive in right in the middle of the lineup! It’s not like he put Martin and Nunez ahead of Robbie too or something.

  3. This was an example of Girardi managing by the binder and the only reason it's getting any legs is because Teixeira looked like an overanxious Little Leaguer in his ABs with men in scoring position. Wish he would take a page out of the Ibanez or Chavez book and shorten the swing just a little in a spot like that. It looked like he wanted to hit it onto the elevated tracks.

    Regarding the lineup, as stubborn as Girardi can be at times, eventually he will see the folly of batting A-Rod 3 or 4. At this point the 2-5 spots should be Suzuki, Cano, Teixeira and Swisher. The way Ichiro is going you want to get him to the plate as often as possible, thus keep him out of the 8 or 9 hole. Use that for Martin and a Chavez/Ibanez/Nunez DH spot. Bat A-Rod 6th and Granderson 7th and if they do anything, fine. If not, so be it.

  4. I agree with your A-Rod assessment. There's no way he should be batting any higher than 6th, given his diminished production. I've never understood why certain lineup slots are reserved for certain players no matter how they do. Yes, A-Rod may have been a excellent clean-up hitter at one point, but that's no longer the case.

    • Agree with you and Bill about ARod. Could see things getting a bit tricky in a couple of years, with ARod, Teix and Jeter all competing for that highish OBP, low SLG 6th slot!…

  5. To clarify, I am not getting out on Girardi about just last night. I am more concerned with him managing by the payroll into these playoffs. This is no different than what Torre dealt with in his later seasons.

    Everything is always "pitching, pitching, pitching…", but its difficult to get through series when your 3/4 hitters are anemic; a tougher pill to swallow when the 1/2 hitters are consistently on base. I think this was a huge part of the loss to Detroit last year.

    And I know with those two contracts it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better for seasons to come…

  6. Hey Joe, you reading any of this? You should, this is one of the best sites out there where the stories are always on point and the intelligent comments from IIATMS fans are not coming from people who keep forgetting to take their daily meds after being recently released from their padded cells. And put the notebook away, we are in the 21st century for crying out loud! Get an ipad or something! Go Yankees! I still love you Joe. I wonder how the team would have fared with Donnie? Hmmm…