Rangers’ collapse outdoes Yankees’

When I came back from my week long trip to the hug-tent hiatus from blogging, one of the things that really stood out to me upon stepping back to take in what everyone else was doing around the league was that there really wasn’t any particular team outside of the A.L. East who seemed drastically better than the Yankees, or any other World Series contender. When I said that, it was Texas specifically that I had in mind. I hadn’t taken much time to watch West Coast baseball for much of the second half, so I still thought of the Rangers as the A.L. favorites and someone I couldn’t see the Yankees beating in their August-September form. During the time I spent watching the rest of MLB more than the A.L. East, however, Texas went 3-3, including dropping two out of three games in Seattle, and didn’t really look much better than anyone else east of the Mississippi.

I don’t know if there’s a profound point here, but what I’m trying to get across is that Yankee fans shouldn’t think that the Bombers coming back to the pack is unique to them, nor sell short what the A’s and O’s accomplished this year. There just isn’t a ton of separation at the top of the junior circuit this year, which makes it pretty incredible that all the Yankees have to do to secure the league’s best record is beat Dice-K after all of the injuries they’ve dealt with this year. It also means that the postseason should be truly wide open, which is probably a lot more entertaining if you don’t have a vested interest in the outcomes.

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2 thoughts on “Rangers’ collapse outdoes Yankees’

  1. Spot on. There are 5-6 teams closely clumped at the top of the AL and most of the rest are comparatively mediocre. Two of them happen to not be in the playoffs, whereas the less talented Orioles and the 87 win Tigers are in it. Maybe that will be the ALCS right there. So it goes.

  2. I'm an A's fan and while the past week has been beyond belief unreal, I have a feeling if the A's or O's victory over TX isn't followed by a World Series appearance (at least) then it will all be attributed to the complete collapse of the Rangers. Ron Washington's future employment may be judged on whether his team fell to superior opponents or merely enabled them to get past a weak TX performance.