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29 thoughts on “Yankees finish season by embarrassing Red Sox

  1. Nova trying to get in on Cano's interview on the YES Postgame was about the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Go Yanks!

    • Nick Swisher's description of his wakeup conversation with himself he starts with "Self…" was pretty up there too…

      • I loved that, and it's typical Swisher! He is so much fun to watch, mostly because he himself is clearly having so much fun and he doesn't mind showing it.

  2. The team earned this, no doubt…..

    It does bother me that a lot of the negative fans killing the team the past few months disappear into thin air on a night like this, only to be seen again the day after the team is eliminated in the playoffs if that happens.

    and it also bothers me that a lot of yankee fans (well, not a lot, but a vocal minority).. still refuse to acknowledge what a good Captain Jeter truly is…

    but that's the price you pay for being the Greatest Team in Sports… where anything short of a championship isn't good enough. It's a worthy trade-off

  3. I was thinking when Andruw Jones was up that this might be his last major league at bat. If he can't be a right-handed platoon dh, he really has no role. But he was a great player — remember the two home runs in his first two Series at bats in '96 when he was 19; I still have nightmares about that — who hung on a bit too long. The fly out to the warning track seemed like an apt metaphor for his situation right now.

    • Unless he retires, I think he'll probably be able to get a job next year. A ST invite at least. I mean, he was crap this year, but he mashed lefties just last year, so given that the role involves small sample sizes it can be sort of volatile.

  4. Just to put the Red Sox in better perspective. On July 31, they were only two games behind the Orioles. Starting August 1, they won 16 games and lost 42. You can't blame the trade with the Dodgers for all of this, as the team went 7-15 in August before the trade. But after the trade, the BoSox went 9-27.

    Whatever single cause you might come with, it's not enough to explain a collapse this profound. Not even Bobby Valentine.

  5. I understand everyone riding high off this win and the Division Title but COME ON! The Yankees just got fat off of one of the most pathetic Red Sox teams ever. Their starting pitching, bullpen, lineup and coaching was pathetic. Of course the Yankees are going to look like the best team after playing them.

    I do think they have the capability to run the table in the playoffs more so than any other AL team but I think you guys might be a little too high on them right now.

    • Well the Orioles "got fat" off of them too, then dropped two games to a Rays team with pretty much nothing to fight for. The Rangers blew a five game lead in nine days. And the Tigers are the seventh best team in the A.L. and took 159 games to get control of the worst division in baseball. So I guess we're conceding things to the A's and their all rookie rotation?

      • Great recap of the facts.

        Nats, Reds…gap….Tiger's & A's (in that order) seem to be the biggest threat, but I like their chances on getting #28.

  6. I lament the poor condition of the Red Sox and take little joy in beating them when they are in this condition. The Sox front office embarrassed themselves.

    I still worry that the Yanks pitching is suspect but they toughed it out. As much as I've been a critic of Girardi, he probably did his best job managing the team in 2012 when he was forced to field a team that looked more like the starting lineup most smaller market teams assemble nightly with weak links throughout. The benefit for Girardi was learning which of these players might be able to contribute as role and bench guys while being forced to start many of them. Granderson (another guy I've picked on) carried the team in a way he wasn't counted on for — power and driving in runs. Swisher caught fire and likely contributed to Jeter's resurgence by batting 2nd.

    We still look creakier than we should. The rotation is an ace who has battled but had arm issues, Kuroda who was expected to not be as front of the rotation as he has had to be — and Pettitte who wasn't even in the game a year ago. Hopefully Hughes steps up if he starts in the next two plus weeks. Can't really fault the pen since they overcame the obvious challenge of no Mariano.

    • You really think Swish led to Jeter's "typical" year?

      He wasn't in the 2-hole for the majority of the year you know & Jeter is a career .316 who batted .315. One off-season, by his standards, and (almost) everyone played the age card. Haters keep on hating and Jeet keeps on hitting. I fully expect another .300 year/200 hit season from him in 2013.

      • I wouldn't say Swisher "led to" Jeter's year but he seemed to respond in a big way when in the 2 slot. During this stretch the back end of the lineup was looking like the scratch and dent sale with Nix, McGehee, Chavez all getting more starts than anyone intended. Swisher's performance this season is significant considering how last off-season he seemed to be on the outs and on the verge of changing teams.

        I'm not criticizing Jeter either mind you. He seldom fails to rise to an occasion but it is a fact that he's getting older and losing range. A position change would have served him well but there aren't many places to put him (left would be likely if Gardner was moved to center but Granderson is embedded there). We do know this lineup needs to get younger.

  7. That game felt like necrophilia.

    On a happy note, we have everyone back, and the rotation is set up as well as it can be. Bring it on!

      • I would have written euthanasia, except they really seemed to be enjoying those drawn out, high pitch count rallies vs. the bullpen late in the game. And how about that pitching change by Joe in the 9th?

        • I was wondering about that too. They're up by 12 runs, and Girardi's bringing in a new pitcher? Was he just trying to get some guys some work, or is it so ingrained in his DNA to make pitching changes he couldn't help himself? It was sad though. They showed Valentine standing in the dugout after the final out just staring out at the field with a look on his face like someone had just shot his puppy. I actually felt bad for him, and for the Sox. Never thought I'd say that in a million years.

          • Probably getting Rapada some work as much as anything. Joe’s been riding Logan lately, and now there’s a three day layoff for the relievers, at least.

  8. So the postseason roster debates can begin.. Feel like these are locks

    Pitching: Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes, Soriano, Robertson, Chamberlain, Logan, Phelps

    Batters: Martin, Stewart, Teixiera, Cano, Jeter, Rodriguez, Nunez, Chavez, Suzuki, Granderson, Swisher, Ibanez

    Assuming they go with 14 batters, 11 pitchers, what choices do you make?

    2 Relief pitchers: Nova? Garcia? Lowe? Rapada? Eppley?
    2 Batters: Jones? Gardner? Dickerson?

    • Rapada and Lowe are musts. Jones is deceased. Dickerson as a righty spare outfielder seems probable. If it comes down to Eppley vs Gardner, and I'd take Gardner, although I'd also consider McGehee as a right handed bat who can play the infield, unless Jason Nix get's healthy and then I'd take him as infield insurance.

    • I would go with;
      Lowe (need L/R ground ball machine)
      Rapada (need another LOOGY)
      Garcia (need someone to take over in the 12th)
      Gardner (need a late inning SB who can enter the game on D)

      • CS Yankee, I think you've nailed it, with one possible exception.
        Gardner, I consider a given. He was slated in April as starting LF and showed last night he can hit. He can certainly give OF defense and pinch run, and is another lefty bat.
        Lowe & Rapada: totally agree
        The question is Garcia vs Eppley. Yank's don't need Garcia's spot-start capability, so my guess is Girardi might take Eppley's 3.33 ERA over Garcia's 5.20.

        BTW, if Nix were available I'd take him for bench depth and drop one of the RPs. The bullpen certainly looks loaded.

        • Agree on if Nix was healthy, I would drop a RP.

          I didn't choose Eppley as he might face two batters and in having Garcia you have a pitcher that can enter in the 12th and still be out there in the 16th. He is like Wakefield, whereas he doesn't throw hard enough to get tired and Joe could run out of options after 11 innings, IMO.

  9. I think we can all agree that generally the hot team going in is the one that makes the most noise in October. And it's hard to deny the fact that this team is hot at precisely the right moment, along with Oakland. The three days off can't hurt, but you wish it was only two, just because momentum can be so fleeting. Let's see if they can wipe out the memory of 2011 with some timely hits against Friday's survivor. An Oakland-New York ALCS wouldn't be a surprise.

  10. I actually felt bad for Valentine and Pedroia. I didn't think that was possible. It's much more fun to beat a good Sox team. As it is now it's like hating on a wounded puppy.

    I don't think there is any way Gardner gets left off the roster. I think Jones stays home. He's right handed but he's been putrid. A late inning outfield of Gardner, Suzuki and Granderson would be sick.