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10 thoughts on “Granderson’s power dependent season

  1. How can you NOT pinch-hit for the guy late in games in situations where a homer is not what's needed? If you're down by a run with runners on 2nd and 3rd in the 8th inning of a playoff game, he's practically the last guy you want there. Against a left or a righty.

      • That's neither here nor there. The fact is (or at least this is my impression) that a lot of the Yankee postseason failures over the last few years have featured situations with ostensibly productive guys (Grandy, Swisher, Tex) striking out or popping out in situations where just putting the ball into play would've won the game.

        • No only in the PS, but throughout this ENTIRE regular season. Our horrendous RISP fail was not so much that we didn't get a hit with RISP, as much as we didn't get a ground ball or a sac fly, but rather a totally unproductive strikeout.

          I think this is partially management's fault.

          Most Yankee batters put a priority on DRIVING the ball, which is fine with less then 2 strikes and non-RISP situations. But with RISP, the team should stress contact.

  2. One of the things I didn't notice until it was pointed out on Grantland today, was that apparently Granderson was yanked to not potentially muddy the Triple Crown race which, as noted, was a rare magnanimous gesture by the Yankees. Of course, I doubt it will be picked up anywhere but Grantland (and maybe ESPN NY) because people love to hate the Yanks… :p

    • Hmmn. Maybe they meant well by doing it, in which case, good for them. But doesn't stopping a guy from contending for one arm of the Triple Crown tend to devalue the achievement of the guy who ultimately achieves it somewhat.

      • Grantland's point was kind of moot because even if Granderson hit another homer, he would have only tied Cabrera and Cabrera would still get the triple crown with a share of a lead in that category.

    • Granderson said it was his decision but he did it so Melky Mesa could get another big league at bat, which I don't doubt since Grandy seems to go out of his way to be friendly with the call ups. He said he didn't realize the triple crown situation until later when CC mentioned it to him.