Red Sox fire Bobby V.

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9 thoughts on “Red Sox fire Bobby V.

  1. There’s always the Tour de France.

  2. DustyYF

    Too bad about all those injuries. I don't think any team could have so many players hurt and come through it OK.

    …Oh, wait.

    • David

      It's one of those things where if you look at what the Yankees did with the injuries throughout the year, Girardi would probably have to be in MOY consideration… except for Showalter and Melvin this year…

      • Melvin I get, but I don’t for the life of me see what Showalter has done that warrants him getting “Manager of the Year” over Girardi.

        • David

          Leaving aside, for the moment, that their record in 1-run games for example — which has an even-larger component of luck than ordinary things — getting the production he did out of that team is slightly even more impressive (at least to me) than what Girardi did with the Yankees.

          Especially for a team that all pundits widely chose to finish dead last; pundits love reversing their own poor predictions at the beginning of the year with awards at the end of the year! 😉

        • h.sevush

          Buck took a team with a 15 year history of futility that absolutely nobody thought would come in anything but last in the division to not only making the playoffs but coming within a hair of winning the division. He taught a team how to win, which is the hardest thing to do in sports. Melvin would get my nod, for finishing the deal, but if you can't see the difference between managing a team with near limitless resources and a history of winning and the bunch of no name nobodies that compromise the Orioles roster, then your not looking very hard. Baltimore had injuries too, everybody has, but only the Yanks can afford to keep a Soriano around as insurance.

          When I look at manager of the year I always check out run differential – who's playing over their heads, who'splaying under, on the theory that a manager can't generally make players play better, the most he can do is maximize the roster he has. The Yanks 586 winning percentage with a +136 run differential is only a bit under what you might expect but overall its pretty much in line which means Girardi didn't screw anything up and he gets my thanks for that, but Buck posted a near identical winning percentage with a run differential that was barely over 0 – in other words he got a 500 team to play 575 baseball and that sounds a lot tougher to me.

          • BrienJackson

            Meh, the run differential thing has been really overblown, and ignores the amount of turnover they've had on their roster. They weren't getting outscored in the aggregate when they went 39-18 or whatever it was to end the season.

          • h.sevush

            You are correct that they were about +40 over the last third, which makes it all the more remarkable that they played over 500 baseball for the first 2/3 of the season while being -40 in RD.

            What does the roster turnover have to do with the price of beans? It is a credit to both Buck and the O's organization that they continued to win as they rebuilt the roster and it isn't as though they went out at the trade deadline to pick up aging stars, they rebuilt on the fly with guys nobody wanted or heard of. That's what gets my applause, not my condescension.

  3. ProfRobert

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I hated Valentine ever since he managed the Mets (and, to be clear, since I think this might be an apostasy, the Mets are my second-favorite team — I'm a New York fan, pure and simple). The owners, in their own way, are even worse, though. Why drag it out to the end of the season? They should have axed him no later than mid-September and let one of the coaches be the interim guy. Aside from torturing Valentine, which I totally approve of, they tortured the rest of the team with Bobby V's continued presence. I can't believe I'm saying this about the Red Sox, but the remaining players after the big trade deserved better from ownership.

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