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6 thoughts on “McGehee will not be on ALDS roster

  1. Gardner and Dickerson is what I hope for. Nunez can bat as the RH DH. I want speed and defense over a K king.

    • If Nix is available, I would definitely chose him over Jones. He adds a lot to their infield depth and OF is set with Granderson, Swisher, Ichiro, Gardner and Ibanez.

  2. it only makes a difference, in that if Jones is on the roster, there is always a chance Joe will let him play.


  3. Why are they so enamored with Jones? He's failed at the only role he has on the team, as a pinch hitter and spot starter in the outfield against lefties. Heck, they could bring Scott Brosious (sp) out of retirement and he'd probably do a better job. The ultimate nightmare for Yankee fans. Bottom of the ninth, last game of a playoff series, the season's on the line, and Bonehead Girardi send Jones up to bat.

  4. I'd pick anyone over Jones at this point. I'm not even sure Jones remembers how to take the bat off his shoulder when he's in the batters box lately. Please anyone but Jones.