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3 thoughts on “Pettitte to start Game 2

  1. Or it could be the fact that Kuroda is like a run and a half better at home over the year? I was kind of expecting this, tbh… even with Pettittes remarkable record at home. Pettitte, too, has been better at home… but not pitched at Camden this year. His stats there over the last 4-5 years are… impressive.

  2. Yeah, but it sucks that neither Lefty pitches at YS in the first 2 games, where pitching a Lefty is srategically important

    • i agree…

      i would have preferred pettite in game 3…

      i believe the yankees are coming home 1-1 regardless of who wins game 1… so i like pettite in that swing game.. and as u point out he's a lefty in yankee stadium