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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

4 thoughts on “Yankees will face Orioles in ALDS

  1. Is anybody talking about the epic collapse of the Rangers? I mean, this combines the elements of the '78 Red Sox collapse (blowing 13-game lead in the division) with the 2004 Yankees collapse in the ALCS (needing just one win and instead losing four straight). All Texas had to do was take ONE GAME of their last three against Oakland or the one against Baltimore (for which they had Yu Darvish, not Kevin Brown and Javy Vasquez pitching), but they choked like George W. Bush at a pretzel festival.