Alex Rodriguez is beyond redemption

The heading on this piece sounds harsh and it was not meant to be. A-Rod had his 2009. That was the last season that he was the former Alex Rodriguez, the superstar version. And he came up big in that post season. He performed in that post season the way you expected a superstar to perform. He is beyond being a superstar now. Now, Alex Rodriguez is just a better than good player. And that is all the Yankees need and expect him to be. And as such, the meaning of the heading is that he is beyond his capability to be the big bat that hoists the Yankees on his shoulders and leads the team to glory.

For those that focus on the money Alex Rodriguez makes, let it go. That money is a sunk cost and yes it is a problem because of 2014 and the hard cap that Boy Steinbrenner is dictating. But there is nothing the Yankees or Alex Rodriguez can do about that. That reworking of his contract was misguided and…well…stupid. But the Yankees offered it and A-Rod took it. Wouldn’t any of us?  And sure, it would be great if that contract was put in place when A-Rod was younger, but it wasn’t. So, honestly, to rate or judge A-Rod on that contract is an exercise in futility. At this point in his career, he is never going to play well enough to earn the money he is making.

But he is a member of the New York Yankees and a starter for the team who still wields a useful enough bat that can keep the conga line moving on the base paths. Heck, if all he did was hit singles in front of Cano and scored on those two-run blasts, that is enough. It’s kind of like becoming an older golfer. It may take him four shots to get on a par five, but he can still sink his share of par putts.

The Yankees have a good lineup. They have experienced and talented hitters in eight of the nine positions and Russell Martin has almost made it nine of nine with the way he finished the season. Alex Rodriguez just needs to fit in that lineup and do his part. If he does that and the rest of his teammates do theirs, they will score runs and have a great chance to win post season games depending on what kind of pitching they get.

Alex Rodriguez is no longer a superstar. He can have a hot streak. But the days when he hits fifty homers are gone. Accept it. The Yankees have. There is nothing he needs to redeem. He just needs to do his part, just like the other cogs in a very powerful offensive wheel.

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William Tasker grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey but has lived in New England since 1975 and in the far reaches of northern Maine since 1990. Tasker is the author of nine (non-baseball related) books and, besides writing here for three years, has written for his own site at since 2003.

7 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez is beyond redemption

  1. Good article…

    It's at least 3 years before we even consider having Arod on a short lease (the way Swisher is on a short lease this year)

    I see Arod continuing his "jeter like" approach… shortening up the swing, trying to get on base and score runs more as opposed to driving them in…

    If he runs into a couple home runs, great, but dont expect it

  2. I'm tired of hearing about ARod having to prove himself. Everything someone comes down hard on him. I you remember 2009? Without him, no world series win! Nice to know that you wrote an article that isnt following the arod bull:)

  3. I've never been the biggest ARod fan, but you're right on, William.

    I'm also not a swing doctor, but ARod looks way out of balance, leaning too far over the plate. Wonder if he'll adjust in the offseason.

    • Hard telling if he'll adjust "successfully," but I'd bet money that he spends as much time in the cage working, TRYING, to improve as we do at our day jobs, over the off season.

      For all of his faults, you can't say the dude doesn't TRY to be the best he can be.