Game 1 2012 ALDS, Game Thread: Yankees at Orioles

Before I go any further, I need to vent. On the road!? Seriously, the road?! After all the huffing and puffing about how important winning the division is under the new playoff format, what is the prize that awaits the division winners? A road trip! Baseball will never cease to amaze me, in a bad way. Vented.

The Yankees and Orioles have been on a collision course all season. The Bombers finished just in front of the never say die O’s, who out performed their Pythagorean by 11 games! I’ve got nothing. The stats say these guys should be watching the games on TV with the rest of us, but the win-loss record says otherwise. Now the Yankees have to play two in Baltimore before they get their reward for bringing home the best record in the AL.

All that said, it’s tough not to like the Yankees in this match up, if only because of the pitching draw. CC Sabathia has been looking like the CC we remember from 2009. He takes the mound for the Yankees tonight. The Baltimore Buck Showalters counter with Jason Hammel. Normally I’d predict a Yankee thrashing but the entire Baltimore season has been built on defying expectations. TBS will butcher the play-by-play tonight, but if you’re anything like me you’ll still enjoy.

173 thoughts on “Game 1 2012 ALDS, Game Thread: Yankees at Orioles

  1. Our turn for lucky hitting after 3-4 broken bat hits for the Os…boy A-Rod looks horrible at the plate.

      • I guess the fat lady sang accompanied by an accordion. And bubbles, never forget the bubbles.

        • Could we have the curtain, please? And that is our new Wurlitzer bubble generator. Wonnerful, ladies and gentlemen.