Familiar faces make BA’s Top 20 Florida State League prospect list

As always, Sanchez’s bat has been widely considered his strongest asset, and this has not changed. While Ballew only quietly acknowledged the young backstop’s defensive improvements, he primarily focused on the improvements Sanchez needs to make defensively and what he viewed as a “lackluster” work ethic. Cooper didn’t seem to see things quite as bleakly, though he notes it is still uncertain Sanchez will stick at catcher. Cooper thought Sanchez made some good progress defensively and showed more energy, better receiving and a strong arm.

Injuries continue to be the main concern for Heathcott, who has had two surgeries on his left shoulder since being drafted by the Yankees. BA’s scouting report, however, will remind you why he is such an exciting prospect. In fact, Chris Truby, the manager of the Clearwater Threshers, is quoted as saying that Heathcott was his favorite player in the league, noting his ability to play strong defense, hit for power and run. It is easy to forget how exciting a player he is given his injuries, but if Heathcott can stay healthy it could be a fun couple years watching him develop.

Finally, the Yankees’ big southpaw Turley gets the final nod. He once again draws comparisons to the Yankees’ starting pitcher tonight, Andy Pettitte. Turley led the league with a 2.89 ERA this season and can use his fastball adeptly on both sides of the plate. Turley gets lots of groundouts and has two strong breaking ball pitches. His curveball came along well this season and he has a dangerous changeup when he has command over it.

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3 thoughts on “Familiar faces make BA’s Top 20 Florida State League prospect list

  1. Do other teams also have that problem with their young stars – the "lackluster work ethic?" Or is it just Yankee catchers?

    I'm hoping its everyone – I must admit, I don't even follow the Yankee younguns as closely as you do, let alone all the other teams. It just seems like some of our more promising guys aren't as highly motivated as someone like, say, Cito.

    • I think to a certain point that is probably common for some of the younger (and Sanchez is still rather young) prospects who seem to move up quickly. You often see some immaturity and cockiness in these guys before they finally meet up with some real challenges in getting to the majors. Of course, you also have other guys like Dante Bichette who by all accounts has that inherent trait of just working very hard. Unless I hear of specific bad instances or complaints from multiple sources, I tend to chalk it up to youth and hope that the player grows out of it. It seems like Sanchez is improving, as Cooper thought he showed more energy and I've seen other reports about him that sounded more enthusiastic. But that's just my take on it. Slade Heathcott was a hot mess when he got drafted and he seems to be pulling it together.

  2. Thanks – obviously, my thinking is tainted by hearing about Jesus' work ethic – or lack thereof.

    Wasn't sure about Dante – but had hoped he was working; I hadn't heard anything negative about Cito – except the lack of tools.

    Appreciate your work in keeping the rest of us up to date.