Links: Pettitte Hints At Returning In 2013, Rodriguez’s Batting Position, Underdogs

As we await the 8:00 PM EST start of Wei-Yin Chen LHP versus Andy Pettitte LHP on TBS, here are some links to catch up on while we watch some National League baseball.

  •  FanGraph’s Carson Cistulli wants to know who the underdog is in the Yankees/Orioles ALDS series. After last night’s game, I think the underdog is pretty obvious.
  • It would appear that Andy Pettitte is going to return in 2013, at least he thinks so. Mark Hale from the New York Post got a few words from him, and the southpaw talks about the need and desire to compete next season.
  • Finally, we have James Gentile’s explanation of why we should start using K/PA and BB/PA over K/9 and BB/9. He points out that using K/9 in certain years, you might actually think that Norm Charlton is better than Mariano Rivera. I highly recommend this read it you like your advanced statistics.

For now, we have the Nationals playing the Cardinals in Game 2 on TBS at 4:30 PM EST. I usually like rooting for the underdog in these games, but the way Bud Selig and co. have set up these playoffs schedules, I find myself rooting for the higher seeds.

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