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16 thoughts on “ALDS Game 3 lineups

  1. Not a big deal to DH ARod. Maybe getting him off his feet all game will allow him to drive the ball better with his legs? I guess im just being hopeful lol. I would like to say his bat needs to show some life in order to stay in the 3 spot but who would they even put there? Not Swisher, Granderson, or the hobbled Tex. Im more disappointed that Tex isnt the DH. He doesnt seem to be 100% back from that calf injury when he runs the bases. Put Swish at 1st, Ichiro in RF and Gardner back in LF. Maybe add a spark to the bottom of the lineup

      • I agree I just dont want him to reaggravate the injury. Plus any way to get a player as good as Gardner back on the field and in the lineup I think you should do it. If they feel Gardner is all the way healthy that is

  2. I don't know whether to credit Girardi for his loyalty or skewer him for his stubbornness. There are 24 other guys that you have to consider on this roster and by batting one guy in the wrong spot because of the potential mental effect it would have on him, he's jeopardizing the rest of the team's chance at further success. Unless he goes 3 for 4 tonight with a couple of extra base hits. Does anybody see that happening? Didn't think so.

  3. I don't understand Girardi's logic here at all. He is basically taking Cano out of the game. Buck will go right after A-Rod in every at bat, completely pitch around Cano and then get out of the inning by retiring Swisher. I guess the goal is to get Alex the protection of Cano behind him, but so far he has proved that isn't helpful. I would have hit Cano third with Tex behind him, the only other guy who kinda sorta looks threatening up there.

    • Especially after the poor spring training. I wanted him gone! But the coaches knew better than I, and I couldn't be any happier!!! What a great game!