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4 thoughts on “ALDS Game 4 lineups

  1. Gee – I'm SURE that some well paid MSM buffoon said that Alex would be riding the pines tonight..

  2. my guess is if it was a right handed pitcher you'd see jeter at shortstop and either ibanez or chavez in there…

    this actually sets up better… u got TWO capable left handed power bats off the bench tonight… u give jeter a chance to hopefully get two days before u ask him to lock in at SS for the ALCS…

    final thought… isn't swisher playing for his spot tonight??? another bad 0 for 4 and don't u have to think about sitting him going forward?

  3. "I’m sure Ibanez will find a place to pinch hit tonight once the O’s go to their bullpen." –

    You would think it's obvious that he'd bat for Nix at some point, but the O's know that as well and with Granderson ahead of him my guess is that Buck will be throwing lefties at Nix late in the game. With Martin swinging one of the few hot bats for NY it might be A-rod again who will have to sit for Raoul, although a nice 8 run Yankee lead would make all of this beside the point.