Quotes of the day, Jack City style

And from the quotatious Nick Swisher:

“You dream about stuff like that,” Nick Swisher said. “I wasn’t even the guy who hit it, and I was jumping up and down going crazy. For Raul, I could not be more happy for him, man. You gotta be pro to step up in a situation like that. Especially pinch hitting, come up against a guy like Johnson, and then to just get that one pitch — because he doesn’t give you that many pitches to hit — and then he comes up in the 12th inning, and he goes Jack City again! You can’t script something like that.”

Added Eric Chavez:

“(This game) is my best baseball moment in my whole career, without a doubt,” Chavez said. “…There’s not even a close second.”

Feel good, friends. Last night was a good night.

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4 thoughts on “Quotes of the day, Jack City style

  1. jay_robertson

    Yes it was. Thanks for the quotes. Was great seeing Raul do it, was great to see the entire team respond.

    • jay_robertson

      and it has to be awfully bittersweet for all three of the guys – what are the odds that any of them will be in pinstripes next year?


      • David

        I dunno, I think we're getting to the point where it may be Swisher over Granderson given Granderson's near total disappearance down the stretch…

      • Joef

        I think we bring back chavy. He waited for the yanks to sign him last year and if he's willing to play, I don't see why not. Swish, if he's willing to take less money than on the open market, would be nice also. I could see this however, being rauls swan song and possibly calling it a career.

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