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7 thoughts on “Yankees need Cano to be patient

  1. Wow Brien. Saw the on screen graphic last night and wondered if it was accurate. I guess so. Just a poor at bat by Cano.

  2. Yes that at-bat was not pretty but you need to look at his previous at bat to get a little more understanding. Cano took the first two pitches which were both off the plate but called strikes, then did basically the same thing that at bat. His next time up (the one you cite) he 'had' to swing at those pitches as they were called strikes his last at bat…….

    • That's sort of non-falsifiable, but in any case he could have at least let one of them be called a strike first. Especially since the first pitch was called a ball. It's not like he was going to barrel any of them up or anything.

    • Also, for what it's worth, Pitch F/X shows every pitch from Cano's fourth inning at bat as being in the strike zone, and the only called strike in the at bat being well within the zone. he swung at the only pitch he saw in his first at bat.

    • I was curious about this so I checked on the site Brien referenced, and those pitches were actually on the plate according to Pitch FX.

      Sorry, can't embed an image I guess.

      Anyhow, this at bat, may have influenced the one in the 6th, but it certainly wasn't because those pitches were outside.