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18 thoughts on “Breaking: A-Rod benched for series finale

  1. Why not bench Granderson or Swisher? Why is A-Rod's performance especially deserving of a benching any more than them.
    I think that Ibanez should be starting every game because historically when he is hot he has amazing home run streaks, so it would be best to use out that streak as long as it lasts. But he could replace Swisher in the outfield as much as Chavez could replace A-Rod at third.

    • seems like a righty/lefty thing. Granderson Swish and Arod have all sucked, but arod has royally sucked against RHP.

      Bench them all. Start Chavez, Ibanez, and Gardner. can't be any worse than what's been out there.

      • yeah, I love both Granderson and Swisher, but, if the Yanks are to win, there has to be some changes–NOW!!

    • A-rod is a right-handed batter against a right-handed starter. Granderson bats left, Swish is a switch hitter.

      Chavez is a gold-glove 3B, Ibanez is not a gold glove outfielder.

      I agree with you though that everyone in that lineup (with the exception of Ibanez and Tex) sucks.

    • And who plays centerfield? Granderson is safe because there is no alternative on the roster.

  2. If Girardi benched every hitter slumping, the lineup would be:

    Jeter 1st
    Nix 2nd
    Teix 3rd
    Ibanez 4th
    Russell Martin 5th
    Derek Lowe 5th
    Soriano 6th
    Joba 7th
    DRob 8th
    Boone Logan 9th

  3. So was part of the success offensively for the Yankees in game 1 compared to the rest of the series the fact that they were significantly more aggressive on the base paths than they had been? It might be an incorrect perception on my part, but maybe they should try to be more aggressive on the base paths today.

  4. Not sure how things will turn out today, but the off-season narrative will center around A-Rod not being healthy & his renewed dedication to an intense training program!

  5. I consider this a blessing, mostly because now if they lose at least it will be harder for the media to spend the off-season beating on A-Rod and how his lack of winning character somehow infects the wole team.

  6. Wow, I'm sure A-Rod is still going to take a beating if they lose. I'm ready for another 0-fer with 2+ Ks.