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4 thoughts on “Live Chat Today!

  1. Make a drinking game out of it – every time Curtis swings at a bouncer, take a drink. Every time that swing is the third strike, make it a double.

    By the 12th inning, you won't care any more than our offense appears to.

    • Actually at the rate Grandy is going I'm pretty sure I'd be plastered by the bottom of the fifth.

  2. Alot of "writers" are suggesting benching of A-Rod which seems unfair because everyone is struggling. So why single out A-Rod? He is 2-16, Granderson is 1-16, CANO (the savior) is 2-18 and swisher is even worse. So why single out A-Rod?

    FYI, i would be very surprised if A-Rod does not start at 3rd tonight. I would DH Ibanez.

    • Because there's a right-handed pitcher starting, A-Rod has been completely useless against right handed pitchers in the series, and for the season as a whole to a degree, and you have a convenient, left-handed alternative in the form of Eric Chavez available to you.

      Also, I don't really get the continued Swisher bashing. He's not getting hits, but he's having quality at bats as a rule. It's sot of the epitome of bad luck in a postseason series, but on the whole he's been one of their better hitters this week.