Orioles outlast Yankees in 13 to force a fifth game

The good:

  • Once again, the Yankees got some stellar pitching from their entire staff. Phil Hughes didn’t last quite as long as the top three guys did earlier in the series, but he did give the team 6.2 innings of one run ball, working out of a couple of jams and only being victimized by a solo home run by McLouth. He allowed four hits in total, walked three Orioles, but also struck out eight batters. Good stuff that should have been good enough for the win.
  • The bullpen was also great again, with Boone Logan retiringthe one batter he faced before handing things off to David Robertson and Rafael Soriano. Ultimately, those three guys plus Joba Chamberlain, Clay Rapada, David Phelps, and Derek Lowe would all pitch. Phelps gave up the two doubles in the 13th to get saddled with the loss, but no one pitched poorly by any means.

The bad:

  • Once again, the offense was just absolutely horrid. Seven hits, five walks, and a runner reaching on an error yielding just one run in 13 innings equals an effort that doesn’t deserve to win. And this was a total team effort to be sure, as basically no one had a good night at the plate. Jayson Nix got a couple of hits off of lefties Joe Saunders and Troy Patton, but that was it.
  • The eighth inning was particularly bad. Ichiro Suzuki and Mark Teixeira led off with a couple of singles right back up the middle, but Robinson Cano (weak ground ball on a 3-1 pitch), Alex Rodriguez (struck out byDarren O’Day for the 200th time in the series), and Nick Swisher (fly out) all made outs without getting the go ahead run in for Soriano. They had some other chances, but that was ultimately what cost them the game.
  • I really don’t get Joe Girardi’s decision to let A-Rod hit against O’Day in that eighth inning. O’Day has absolutely owned Alex in these four games, you just pinch hit for him last night, and Raul Ibanez is available in a situation in which he can bring the go ahead run in even by making an out. Instead you leave A-Rod in for the most predictable strikeout in recorded human history…but pinch hit Eric Chavez for him with two outs in the 13th inning down a run. Just baffling.
  • The Yankees’ lone run scored on a tapper to second base by Cano.
  • Joba was hit by a broken bat and had to leave the game in the 12th inning. X-rays were performed and came back negative, and Joba has been diagnosed with a contusion. Good to hear he’s okay, but my goodness talk about a guy you don’t want to stand next to during a thunderstorm.

The bottom line:

Game Five tomorrow with C.C. Sabathia on the mound and the season on the line. Hopefully the offense remembers the address of the stadium then, though they’ve managed to already put themselves at a disadvantage even if they do win this series, as not getting an off day between the two rounds will force them to choose between using five starters or throwing everyone on short rest against the Tigers.

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22 thoughts on “Orioles outlast Yankees in 13 to force a fifth game

  1. disgusting….thats thte only way i can sum up the night…as far as the offense goes……as well as embarrassing….despicable….un-american……..just bench the whole team cept jeter and call up every triple A kid you can find


  2. Here's why Girardi left Arod in for that 8th inning at bat…

    it was a great chance to be a hero while knowing that with only one out, he can't be a total goat..

    that's also why he pinch hit in the 13th… didn't want to let Arod end the game with a strikeout (which he would have)

    • yeah i was cool with leavin him in cause i didnt want arod on suicide watch. pinch hit 2 days in a row w/ the game on the line by the same guy? there's no telllng what that can do to a man

    • That probably was the reason and it's really frustrating. There's no way that Girardi thought that Arod had a better chance of putting the ball in play than Ibanez in that situation. I'd rather Girardi just focus on improving the teams chances of winning the game than trying to psychoanalyze Arod. Is getting pinch hit for twice that much worse than it happening once? By now I don't think Arod is all that fragile anyway; he's been booed for the majority of his career.

      • He ended up getting PH for anyway, just in a much lower leverage position. I don't understand it.

  3. Nothing about Granderson? I'm beyond frustrated with this guy. I'd take Gardner in there even if he can't swing the bat. At least he can take the walk and then steal.

    Seriously, Granderson should be benched.

    • I agree. He is adrift. It could be the worst post-season effort I have watched to date. 1-16, 1 BB, 0 runs, 0 RBI, 9 Ks. He is so predictable, too.

        • Does this pretty much seal the deal for the Yankees not picking up his option in the offseason?

          • Hah, so no club option?

            I have these fantasies that these guys will just quit. But apparently the money is pretty good.

          • If the Yankees don't pick up his option I'll probably stop writing altogether for fear of having my head explode mid rant. Well, unless they come up with some alternative I'm unaware of out of nowhere, anyway.

          • Let's say they don't pick up his option, is he a free agent? Can someone else pick up that option? Can the Yankees not pick it up, then negotiate?

  4. What a waste of a start from Hughes. If NY gets to play in the next round he's unlikely to get another one of those against Detroit.

  5. I could've sworn the line drive by Machado was catchable by Cano. He treated it the same way he treats grounders to his left that other 2B's dive for.

    Also, if Swisher is a little less theatrical on that play, Machado doesn't go to second.

    • Your grasping at straws, not that I blame you. It was a clean double, Cano had no chance unless he grew some go-go gadget arms and unless your rightfielder's name is Roberto Clemente Machado is standing on second. It wasn't the defense, it wasn't the pitching, it was the terrible at bats by Granderson, A-rod, Swisher and everyone else not named Jeter or Nix that killed us,

  6. I absolutely agree that Ibanez should have pinch hit for A-Rod in the eighth. With the infield in and Ichiro on third, all the batter had to do was make contact and not hit it hard at an infielder for a run. And a minor quibble, but why bat Ibanez with two out and nobody on in the ninth? The odds of a home run in the third consecutive at-bat against three different pitchers as a pinch hitter in the postseason are so long I can't even comprehend them.

  7. How many times have we seen a inning like the 8th this year? First and second, no outs. Cano hits a weak grounder to second (at least he managed to advance the runners). A-Rod strikes out with a runner on third and less than two outs (can't even put the ball in play), then Swisher hits a fly that would have scored the winning run a batter too late. It's really pathetic. A-Rod and Granderson are automatic outs. Swisher is pulling his usual post-season disappearing act. Even if they manage to beat the O's today, I don't see them advancing much further. There are too many holes in this lineup right now.