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7 thoughts on “This Recap Will Be As Good As The Offense Was Tonight

    • C.C. needs to throw a complete game shut out, otherwise I agree that it is pretty much over.

      • It’s a coin flip, but the coin is slightly weighted in our favor at least. It shouldn’t have come down to this, but I’m sure that Baltimore is saying the same thing.

  1. All the focus by the experts, going on 3 years now, has been on pitching, (mostly starting pitching)…..just goes to show you the experts are idiots. Pitching was not the problem last year, was not the problem this year.

  2. ARod, Cano, Swisher, Granderson. Can any of these guys get a hit? At least Cano got an RBI ground-out. How could Girardi NOT try a squeeze with Ichiro on third in the 8th, even if it meant pinch-hitting again for ARod? This is the 2003 WS all over again, when Torre insisted on playing Alphonso Soriano who struck out on at least half of his plate appearances. ARod, unlike Granderson, at least is not swinging at bad pitches. But he can’t hardly make contact with the ones in the stirke zone – what’s going on? Discounting the one 5-run inning, they’ve scored only eight runs (vs. Baltimore’s nine). Any momentum from Ibanez’s heroics has been squandered, and squandered badly.