ALCS Game 1: Trust In Andy

Who needs days off anyway? We’re right back to baseball after last night’s win over the Orioles, and now we get to watch Andy Pettitte face the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. Here’s the lineup courtesy of LoHud.

Derek Jeter SS
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Nick Swisher RF
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C

And for the Tigers.

Austin Jackson CF
Omar Infante 2B
Miguel Cabrera 3B
Prince Fielder 1B
Delmon Young DH
Jhonny Peralta SS
Andy Dirks LF
Avisail Garcia RF
Gerald Laird C

On the mound it’s Andy Pettitte vs. Doug Fister.

The game starts at 8:00 PM EST. GO YANKEES!

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179 thoughts on “ALCS Game 1: Trust In Andy

  1. Phil C

    Damn, had to take Katie outside to do doggy duty. Walked back in to seethe replay of Itchy’s HR.

  2. smurfy

    Raul, swing solid.

    • smurfy

      oh, baby! Raul, you fool!

  3. Professor Longnose

    Well, at least tying run came up.

  4. Phil C


    I don’t believe it!!!!!

  5. Professor Longnose


  6. smurfy

    We bad, we awful, we suck it up!

    • Professor Longnose

      Wow. Pretty dang amazing.

      Still gotta win it, though.

      • Phil C

        Damn you’re hard to please. Just a few minutes ago you were happy just that the tying run was at bat!

  7. Phil C

    Papa not so Grande

  8. Phil C

    Finally, in the 9th the mouse says, “Rawr”

    Prior to that it was, “squeak.”

    • smurfy


      • Phil C

        Hey, it’s my mouse and if she wants to saw rawr, then she can say rawr.

        • smurfy

          yeah, your mouse is mousey.

  9. smurfy

    well, are you guys from Missouri, or are you ready to cheer, or root, in a positive vein?

    • Phil C

      I’ve been positively negative all game.

  10. Professor Longnose

    I should be freaking out, but I’m too worn down from the first 8 innings, not to mention the whole Bird series.

    • smurfy

      it’s a long season. no time to quit now.

  11. Phil C

    Ibby for Mr. October II!

    • smurfy

      Mr. Knocktober.

      • Phil C

        Very nicely put!

        • smurfy

          call the Post, gimme a cut.

  12. Professor Longnose

    What do you guys say to a run here?

    • smurfy

      mmm, maybe. But maybe we gotta string ’em out a little.

  13. Phil C

    I don’t care if Swish comes out of his shoes swinging, as long as he connects! End it in the 10th!

    • smurfy

      they say (the experts) that you gotta look to push them around, rather than swing big.

      • smurfy

        Grandy – a sweet one woulda been quicker – got us a base closer. Three to go.

      • Phil C

        Yup. The best example was that easy swing Reggie would take.

  14. smurfy

    Do tell, do tell.

  15. Professor Longnose


    • smurfy

      he’s already distracting him, maybe.

      • smurfy

        oh, yeah,he made it.

  16. smurfy

    Russell, get a solid knock!

  17. smurfy

    one for all.

  18. Phil C

    I think they just Ibby to get the game winning hit.

  19. Professor Longnose

    Up to the pen now. Soriano for another inning?

    • Phil C

      Only threw 13 pitches, but no I think I’d go to D-Rob

      • Professor Longnose

        You called it.

        • Phil C


  20. smurfy

    Nice one on the corner, Sir Dave.

    • Phil C

      Must get Infante. Do NOT want Miggy up again.

  21. smurfy

    Would somebody choke that random yeller, please?

    • Phil C

      I know, and that effing whistle after Ks

  22. Professor Longnose


  23. Phil C

    Up to Suznotex!

    • Phil C

      Then Mr. Knocktober

  24. Phil C

    I’m ready for a walk, whack, win!

  25. smurfy

    Ichi, Ichi, Ichi. Nicely done.

    • smurfy

      Two singles, and we’re home.

  26. Professor Longnose

    Ichiro’s 4 for 6.


    • smurfy

      lefty pitching. Avila catching now, and -man- Ichi got a great jump!

      • smurfy

        Ichi should go early.

  27. Phil C

    Too me, the last several games Cano looks to just a little late on everything.

    • smurfy

      he rolled over one earlier, but yeah.

  28. Phil C

    Only pitchers left are Joba & Phleps, and I’m sure under ideal circumstances they’d prefer not to use Phelps in case Oki-san runs out of gas early tomorrow.

    Got to wonder about Joba’s elbow.

  29. Professor Longnose

    This is a tough inning for Phleps.

    • Phil C

      I think it’s Phelps tonight. Joba must still be hurting because I can’t envision why they wouldn’t prefer him to face Miggy & Fielder.

  30. Phil C


  31. smurfy

    Oh, fudge.

  32. Phil C

    …………too stunned to typed anything else.

  33. smurfy

    Whew, Nixy was there for a dp.

  34. Professor Longnose


  35. Phil C

    All right Yanks. Suck it up and win one for the Captain!

  36. smurfy

    Alright, boys, win one for the wounded Captain.

  37. Phil C

    If Chavez and Swisher get on, Garnder will hit a 3 run HR to win the game.

  38. smurfy

    Get on, Swish.

    Fuggin booing fans should be shot.

  39. Phil C

    DAMN! But my biggest concern is Jeter. That sprain looked bad! The Yanks can overcome the loss, but losing Jeter would be devastating.

    • smurfy

      ankle fractured, out for three months.

  40. smurfy

    Any Yankee fans lawyers? I wanna sue the bastards at Tbs. One series of this is enough.

  41. Phil C

    Chat y’all this afternoon.

  42. bornwithpinstripes

    swisher is a disaster,,,you guys love him , why..beyond me.. how girardi plays this guy is mind blowing ..he sits arid ..but keeps this guy playing… we are all loyal yankee fanatics on here…but you guys year in and year out love this albatross..tonight his glove choked…he will never get a big hit in the playoffs..never..joe takes brandy out and leaves this bum in.. just venting here..tigers will knock us out again..

    • smurfy

      did you see his double at Fenway in May? He comes through there, pretty big. Many other times. Get off his case, and let him cope with it, if you want the Yanks to win.

  43. smurfy

    The bases were loaded when Robinson Cano smashed one back, off Fister. He was plainly safe at first, I could see in NJ, in real time. Umps, announcers, some of these “fans,” who else do the Yankees have to overcome? That play was a loud error, changed the game.

  44. smurfy

    When Jeter went down, Smoltz said, “he’s fine.” Just continuing his train of thought, lucky he didn’t say Jete was just embarrassed.

  45. pop

    MLB Network’s Sean Casey just said Yanks have to start Nunez at SS for his defense… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… easily makes him the new worst analyst on this network.

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