ALCS Game One: Lineups

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15 thoughts on “ALCS Game One: Lineups

  1. NoVa Yankees

    Four batters in a row could not make contact! Pathetic.

  2. pat

    The title for this post says ALDS

  3. John

    7th inning. Bases loaded 3 times. No runs for Yanks. Robbed by great plays twice. Last one was just complete ineptitude.

    I think I'm going to be sick.

  4. Sabrina

    Half the lineup producing and other half sucking…this sucks

  5. NoVa Yankees

    Arod, Swisher, and Granderson might as well be automatic outs. Cano doesn't look like he is caring at the plate.

  6. Bill

    This isn't going to end well. The saving grace is that it won't take long. The Yanks simply can't beat the Tigers in a big spot. This is three times in seven years. They beat the Yanks the way the Yanks used to beat the Red Sox prior to 2004. That's more than just a coincidence.

  7. NoVa Yankees

    Lineup is flawed right now. Too easy to pitch around those who are not slumping.

  8. Assimilate

    It's all going to be about A-Rod again. This is so depressing.

  9. NoVa Yankees

    It will be all about Raul.

  10. Tommy

    Cashman is a genius.

  11. John

    Ibanez again! I've never seen anything like this.

  12. Assimilate

    Swisher is the one who needs a benching. I'm sure everyone is happy with putting in chavez, I hope you guys are happy about that one.

    F&%K Swisher. Seriously. I blame this game on him. He cost them two runs, while doing jack s$*T on offense.

  13. John

    I've never been so up and down emotionally in any postseason ever. I'm not sure I can watch tomorrow. I may die from a heart attack.

  14. jay_robertson

    why bench JUST A-Rod? Cano can sit – what is he now, 2-33? and 0-6 or 0-7 in this game? Alex could NOT do any worse. At least they finally took out Granderson.

    pathetic. Swisher – at least he got ONE hit.

  15. dmzimmerman

    I wouldn't blame the game on Swisher, though that play stunk… I'd blame the game on Girardi inexplicably not letting Robertson come out to start the 12th, and then equally inexplicably not intentionally walking Delmon Young with first base open and one out.

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