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9 thoughts on “Hiroki Kuroda should start Game Two

  1. Sure you could start Kuroda on short rest but in addition to him already exceeding his career high in innings pitched he threw a lot of pitches in his outing against the Orioles, 105 to be exact. I think if he does start on short rest the Yankees to keep an eye on his pitch count and probably limit it to 80 or 90 max. In that case Lowe always becomes an option for the middle innings if necessary. It sure would be nice if the Yankees win tonight though and then worry about Sunday's starter.

  2. Just food for thought about Hughes. It's kind of a tale of 2 Hughes's this season against the Tigers. His last outing in Detroit on Aug. 7th not very good at all. His earlier outing on June 3rd excellent a CG 1 ER win. Like I said a tale of 2 Hughes's. Hopefully when he pitches the June 3rd Hughes will show up.

  3. I'll dissent. Yes, it would have been great if the Yanks could have closed out Baltimore earlier, and set up their pitching rotation for an optimal 4-man rotation. But this didn't happen, and now we're tempted (as we always are this time of year) to ask a pitcher to do something in the post-season that we'd never ask for during a normal regular season. To an extent, we ask for such things because we believe that athletes should be able to "rise to the occasion", in spite of any empirical evidence that such a thing is possible.

    The last I looked, the ERA of pitchers in the post-season on 3 days rest is around 6. And remember, it's generally only the team's BEST pitcher who gets asked to pitch on short rest. The short-rest guy is rarely a 38 year old pitcher who has never pitched on short rest before, and who grew up pitching in Japan (where the norm is 5-6 days rest between starts).

    I'd put Phelps and his 3.34 ERA out there in game 2 and hope for the best.

    • I've got to agree. Now is not the time to panic. These guys can pitch, and they will have to be careful around Cabrera and Fielder, but Phelps can do it. I believe.

      • Here's something that just occured to me: even if you have Kuroda limited to 95-90 pitches looking for 4-5 ground out innings, you can't really expect anything more from Phelps than that anyway.

        • Yes, if you think that Kuroda pitching on short rest means that he'll have his usual effectiveness but for fewer innings than usual. But I don't think that's the pattern with guys pitching on short rest — I think that 6 ERA comes from getting lit up in the early innings. Also, I think the pattern with Kuroda (even on long rest) is that his worst inning is his first inning.

          But as per usual (hee hee, jk) you and Girardi agree. Here's hoping that Joe knows Kuroda better than I do.

  4. Combine both. Phelps' starts have been pretty good mostly. His problem in them has been an inability to pitch deep in the game. Start Kuroda. Have Phelps available for long relief should Kuroda need to be taken out early.

  5. Hey guys, been reading here just about every single day but never comment. Felt like I had too now cause I've been racking my brain all day trying to think of the best starting pitching scenarios. I like Kuroda for game two and keeping an eye on his pitch count; especially with a rested BP and off days for travel.

    What about using Phelps out of the pen to caddy with Kuroda if/when he reaches his pitch limit around the fifth inning? Or, like you said throwing the "kitchen sink" at them? Phelps obviously has the experience of pitching out of the pen; he's come out of the pen four times against the Tigers this year. Although the only multiple inning outing was back in April (3 IP, 0 ER, 2.76 FIP)

    …and as I write this, I see Kuroda has been confirmed for Sunday and Hughes for game 3 on Tuesday….so there you go I guess.

  6. moot point now, but is there any argument kuroda and petite pitch better on more than 4 days rest? If there is, you could have gone 1. petite 2. phelps 3. hughes 4. cc 5. kuroda 6. petite 7. CC.