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15 thoughts on “Jeter leaves game with fractured ankle

  1. I blame this game and Jeter's injury on Swisher. I really hope they tell him to take a hike this off season.

    • I said it on the other thread, but… I wouldn't blame the game – or Jeter's injury – on Swisher. Yes, his play stunk, but he would never have had to make it if Girardi had given an intentional pass to Delmon Young with first base open and one out. And I still don't understand why Phelps started the 12th instead of Robertson, especially with Kuroda pitching on short rest tomorrow (and perhaps in need of more relief pitching than we've seen in most of the postseason games) and most of the other relievers having already been used.

      • Not having that argument. That was a catchable ball. Ichiro makes that play and so does Gardner. He dove to make it look like he gave effort. Plus the earlier screw up to allow another run.

        I do have a problem with phelps coming in. But I still put this on swisher.

      • Oh, and just because, "he would never have had to make it…" is not a good excuse. His job is to make that play no matter what. Not tumble around like a moron.

        • Oh, I absolutely agree he should have made the play. I just don't think it makes sense to put the entire game on him. For one thing, even if he makes that play diving you've probably got Cabrera on third with 2 outs, and there's no reason to think Peralta doesn't still either hit the ball to Jeter, driving in the run and causing the injury, or hit the ball past a playing-in-to-prevent-the-run Jeter, still driving in the run.

    • Nope, because as bad as they were on offense, they didn't compound the problem by playing horseshit defense.

  2. Multiple reports stating that the ankle is fractured. Out for the rest of the post season. Three months recovery time. Not career threatening. [sigh]

  3. Put the looping .gif up under the headline, "Watch Jeter Break His Ankle!"

    This doesn't get old.

  4. i think u have to be positive here and say that this injury won't affect his career at all… by the time spring training rolls around he'll be back to normal…

    and frankly, as banged up as he is it could have resulted in a much worse injury had he been forced to grind out another 10 games