Tigers, Umpires beat Yankees 3 – 0

"Are you blind Ump? He was out!"

You have to score at least one run to win a baseball game. The Yankees didn’t. They lost. That said, the Umpires didn’t help. While the main story coming out of Sunday’s game has to be the absence of the Yankee offense, it is entirely possible that come Monday morning the biggest story from the game will be the terrible call that was made in the top of the eighth inning.

With two outs in the inning Omar Infante over ran second base after Austin Jackson hit a single to right field. Nick Swisher threw a strike to Robinson Cano who clearly tagged Infante out as he scrambled back to second base. The ball arrived before Infante, who visibly fell on Cano’s glove. Even in real time Infante was out. Second base umpire Jeff Nelson called Infante safe. TBS replayed the tag about a dozen times. The dude was out, by a lot. Jeff Nelson called him safe.

Joe Girardi came out to argue and was tossed, but what else could he do. Infante would score later in the inning, an inning that should have been over and instead saw the Tigers score two runs to expand their lead to 3 – 0. It was a terrible call, but the Yankees aren’t hitting. Without that call the Bombers probably would have lost 1 – 0.

That’s all you need to know about the game. The Yankee offense got just four hits and struck out ten times. That’s a recipe for a loss anytime of year. The biggest shame is that Hiroki Kuroda was dealing, pitching on short rest for the first time in his career. The box score will read that he pitched 7.2 innings and allowed three runs. Those of us who watched the game know he really tossed 8 innings and allowed just one run. Kuroda got it done. The Yankee offense didn’t. That’s why the Tigers have a commanding two games to none lead in the series.

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  1. Hey Duh…spewing forth all those facts and stats explains nothing. All your stats say is that this team has not produced like other teams have, but you have no idea why…all you know are the stats. It’s like saying Dirk Nowitski is 7 feet tall because he is 7 feet tall…fact.

    Now, if you want to know why these Yankees are so streaky hot or cold, I’ll tell you. And it has nothing to do with stats, it has to do with process.
    Joe Girardi said at the press conference, we need to make adjustments and this team is the poster child of players who simply do not make adjustments. Adjusting at the plate from at bat to at bat and from pitcher to pitcher and situation to situation, takes a certain skill set. Most of these Yankee hitters do not possess these skills. Remove jeter and Cano, and now Ichiru….there are all players who know one approach and one approach only. When you only know one thing, you cannot adjust.

    You see how Girardi staggers lefty and righty hitters? its because you do not want all the same all in a row. It becomes to easy to plan an attack on them. So what if every yankee was a 1st pitch fastball hitter? Would that be good? No. What if every guy in the line up was a fastball hitter who could not hit a curve or off speed pitch? Would that be good? No…because the pitcher would throw all curves and you’d be fucked. What if every player was a guess hitter? Would that be good? No. What if every player was a spot hitter, waiting and swinging only if the pitch was in one exact zone, waiting to pounce if it were in that spot? Would you want that? No…These are examples of process or “hitting approach”. You do not want every hitter in your line up to have the same approach to hitting, and the New York Yankees do….they all seem to be guess hitters waiting only for a pitch to pull…Rod…Tex…Swish…Grandy. Stats do not show process…they only show what happened. They do not tell why. Process tells why. Process tells what needs to be changed. Stats say how many homers were hit. You can’t just say we hit too many homers and not enough blah, blah, blah. The Yankees need to change players and this is a perfect time. Say goodbye to Swish and Grandy and find players like O’Neil and Bernie…less homers, more hits, more walks, more steals, more contact, less guessing. Change the process and you get better numbers. Tex could not adjust to save his life…just so happens he is in his hot streak. Do you see the Tigers hitting to the opposite field? Happened plenty today. That is because they are willing to make adjustments. They have a different process that Tex, Swish and Grandy who are one dimensional…guess and swing hard…thats all they know and thats all they do. Girardi want adjustments? He will be waiting a long time cuz they are not coming.

    • Eh, Dave. You keep saying stats won’t tell you what’s going on and then you point out things (lack of hitting to the opposite field, pitches swung at, types of pitches and locations, etc) that are all perfectly captured in statistics (and often presented on this blog.

      Seriously, get a clue.

      • roadrider….Everything I wrote about was about hitting process…if you understand the english language and how words are strung together to form sentences, you would understand that…as I said it several times in plain english. So who needs to get a clue????? And NEVER, EVER, have I written that stats won’t tell you “what is going on” as you just wrote to me. Actually roady….I wrote the opposite….I wrote a long sarcastic comment the other day about Sabermetrics showing ONLY WHAT IS GOING ON…..obviously your foot is so far in your mouth it effected your brain oxygen levels…..ALL STATS EVER TELL YOU IS “WHAT IS GOING ON” and never, ever tell you how to change the “PROCESS”….Seriously, get a dictionary and compare the definitions of words to what I wrote to what you “thought” I wrote and feel the inescapable shame of being an asswipe.

  2. Go to


    and you will see this team is crap offensively compared to all Yankee teams since 1993 save the 2008 team who didn’t make the postseason.

    2012 Yankees offense = 1992 Yankees with 82 more homeruns thanks to Cano, Jeter, and Granderson who hit 33, 15 and 43 HR respectively for 91 total to the Kellys 17 combined (Roberto 10 + Pat 7) and Stankwiecz’s 2 for 19 HR total from the ’92 2B/SS/CF.

    Third lowest Runs Per Game since ’92 (second lowest was the ’08 team.)

    Third lowest Runs scored in a non-strike year since ’92 (tied with the ’01 team, second lowest was the ’08 team.)

    Third lowest BA and second lowest OBP since ’92.

    The ’92 team collected the same amount of hits, struck out 273 less times, walked only 29 less times,, hit one more double, and scored only 71 less runs despite hitting 82 less homeruns and getting 72 less HR from their primary 2B, SS, and CF.

    Lowest number of Plate Appearances since ’91 and At-Bats since ’90.

    Most strikeouts and highest average age per player in team history.

    That’s ton of statistical similarities to the 1990-92 teams, especially the ’92 team.

    ‘Know why?

    Cuz this team is just about the 1992 Yankees offensive-wise only with 82 more homeruns which mask that fact.

    That’s why so many people are stunned over the teams lack of scoring. Most of them didn’t watch the 1989-92 Yankees like I did thus didn’t see a deplorable offense like the one we’ve seen all year and tried to ignore when the homeruns were hit.

    Take away runs driven in by Ibanez, Suzuki, and Granderson and the Yanks have scored ZERO runs in the past three games as the three drove in a run each on Friday and the former two smacked a two-run homerun each last night.

    Bottom line is this is a mentally weak team because how else could the starting nine be better than the ’92 starting nine at EVERY POSITION yet finish the season with the same number of hits and only 71 more runs despite hitting 82 more homeruns? They choked in the clutch.

  3. Really, did you ever stop to think, period?

    How many Yankees have been implicated in using PEDs? Giambi, Pettitte, Clemens and A-Rod. That’s it. Either produce evidence that Jeter, Bernie Williams, Rivera, Posada and how many other guys since 1996 were using PEDs or stop making stupid, evidence-free assertions.

    What do you mean by “Look how much smaller they are”? Who is smaller than they were? Is it even the same guys you are comparing? Can’t you think of any reason other than PEDs that stats might decline, like aging, normal yearly fluctuation, better competition? Did Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle produce identical statistics every year?

    The “best team money can buy”? What, the other teams don’t pay their players? Do you they compensate them with something other than money? Are they amateurs? Do you understand how dumb that comment is?

    The truth? You wouldn’t know it if it walked up to you and kicked you in the balls.

  4. Really , did you ever stop to think that the Yankees were only good on steroids ? Look how much smaller they are . They are playing on a level field now. Look at how all of the stats are down. The best team money can buy?

    • Your comment is not worth the 2 seconds it took to type it….are you saying that the 96-2000 teams, without Giambi and A-Rod….with the 98 team having no player w 29 or more homers, was all juiced? just a ignorant comment.

  5. 3-0, 1-0, it doesn’t matter when you can’t score. Too bad Cano, ARod, Swisher and Granderson can’t all be benched, but with Jeter out, Girardi has no choice but to play these slumpers. One would think these guys have faced Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson the way they’ve NOT been hitting since the start of the Oriole series (minus the first game of each series ninth innings). But, up to tomorrow, not one of the pitchers they’ve faced is even a #1 starter. I don’t know if they had received one day off after the 3-1 Oriole win that it would have helped (likely would not have hurt), but it did seem a bit unfair to make them play the next day when the Tigers got one off, even if the Tigers had to fly back from Oakland and play on the road (five straight – three, day off, then two). Why didn’t the NLCS start on Saturday too? Oh, so there would be at least one game on TV every day of the week. Still, the hitting slump is inexplicable AND inexcusable. And, barring something that seems currently unimaginable (hitting), an exit in four or five games seems inevitable (Sabathia may be able to win one). Except for two ninth innings, they have become unwatchable.