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25 thoughts on “I guess the Yankees get the number one pick then?

  1. OK. I'd ask you to earn your money, but I've heard what YOU get paid for this. ;)

    Why on earth has such a team, the team with a kazillion home runs, the top batting team, yadda yadda yadda – why have they DISAPPEARED? At least Tex didn't come out after the game and "tip his hat" to the Detroit (or Baltimore) pitchers for the umpteenth time this season.

    Beyond that – I just hate playing Detroit on days when Granderson swings like Charlie Brown, at the same time as Austin Jackson hits triples and Phil freaking Coke shuts us down. If Grandy is cost effective, what is Austin Jackson? Or Phil? Yeah, I know – not GOOD enough to be Yankees.

  2. Another pointless defense by a Yankee homer. From what planet can you say anything positive about this team. The point that's even worse than them getting swept by the Detroit will be the next year they're me considerably worse than they are this year with probably third or forth place written all over them. Yes there are plenty of empty seats and I'll be more next year hopefully the Steinbrenner children can get the sack to fire Cashman and girardi and start a new

    • Dude it's a Yankee blog. We're supposed to read articles that defend this team. It's part of the package.

      Personally I like reading articles that are positive rather than the crazy negative stuff that is on all the other sites. Change of pace is good.

      • ummmmm yeh there are PLENTY of negative articles on this website… or do you not remember Brien ax-grinding Jeter at every opportunity… which looks so bad in retrospect I wonder how he even still contributes here sometimes

        This blog is sort of in the middle…. it's not over the top negative… but it's not all hunky dory.. i like it

        • Days like this I need one of William's history pieces. Maybe something about the home opener in '98 when the most runs ever scored by two teams took place, with the Yankees coming out on top, just so I can reminisce over when A) the Yankees scored lots of runs and B) won.

        • "which looks so bad in retrospect I wonder how he even still contributes here sometimes "

          Because I'm not exactly bothered by acknowledging that I'm wrong about things from time to time? I didn't see Jeter's post-injury turn around coming. Not in the slightest. I thought he was going to be the 2010 version of himself for quite awhile. I also thought Raul Ibanez would be an unmitigated disaster in the outfield this year. Neither beliefs were right. Life goes on.

          • I'm just pointing out the fact that you in particular are not afraid to get negative and go after people.. from Hal to the Captain straight on down…

            Sorry if that came out as snarky, you certainly were right with part of what you said about Jeter and were far from the only one…

            It's just to me… I watch this Yankee team… I see the give up at bats, the dead crowd… a manager who, outside of one incredibly gutsy move, has been shaky AGAIN….

            I just hate how jaded everything has become…

          • Who cares if you trip up once in awhile? At least you have the stones to put it out there before the fact. And no one can be more wrong than me. The Yanks have lost 71 times this year. And I've written them off after at least 70 of them.

        • There is a huge, huge difference between Brien negative and Wally negative. So in comparison, this blog is mostly positive.

      • He might have had multiple Yankee blogs open in his browser tabs and accidentally commented in the wrong one. At least that's the only thing I can really think of for that comment.

  3. Look we all like Swisher but his comments were so pathetic it's sad…

    Hey bro…. I'm a sensitive guy bro….. don't say anything not nice to me bro….


  4. Wonder how the Giant fans were feeling during Game 3 of the NLDS when they were looking even less alive than the Yanks look now. And see what happened next. While I'm the last one to see the bright side of ANYTHING, at the same time couldn't you see a scenario where the Yanks scratch out a win tomorrow more because the Tigers hand it to them (as the Reds did to the Giants). And then couldn't you picture CC dropping another gem on Wednesday night? After all that, all the comments on this site will be copied and pasted by the bloggers on the Tigers site. I wouldn't be the house on it, but it wouldn't shock me one little bit.

  5. Look, I hate that the team isn't hitting either, and while I have always been really pro-Girardi, he really hasn't done his best work in this series (but then, he probably has some other really important stuff on his mind, you know, like his family) and really needs to sandwich someone who makes contact (Nunez?) in between the strikeout triplets (or maybe we should call them the "Triple Ks"). But, on what planet can a team that makes the ALCS be considered a "fraud?" A disappointment, maybe, but a "fraud?" That's just sensationalistic claptrap.

  6. And to think I read this blog to get away from the irrational fans…

    Look, the Yankees are deep in a bad slump at a pretty bad time. As much as people want to over-analyze it and cast blame on Girardi, there's not a lot he can do about it. When the game goes so many innings that David Phelps has to pitch in a tie game, there's not a lot he can do.

    The nature of baseball is that the hottest team in the postseason wins. Teams are built to get through a long, 162 game season where every team wins 60 and every team loses 60. The regular season is so long to make room for failures and for slumps. Once the postseason hits, that margin for error goes away when it becomes 1 or 5 or even 7 games in a series. To judge or change the whole roster based on any 5 or 7 game set is silly.

  7. History Lesson: 1996 World Series. 1st two games at Yankee stadium, Braves DESTROY the Yanks. Everyone writes them off because there is NO way they're gonna win 4 games off Smoltz, Maddox and Glavine…..result? Yanks win next 4 games………three straight in Atlanta and game 6 at home.

    Will it happen this year? I don't know but one thing about this team I do know, they don't give up……so neither will I…..

  8. I like this blog, good stuff here all the time. That said, it isn't over til it's over, and it isn't over. Think about it, if NY wins tomorrow it's a whole new series, with CC going in game 4 and Andy in game 5. I'm gonna stay positive for game 3, there's time enough to stew over the winter should that be necessary.

  9. We are in the midst of watching a real life version of the 40's classic movie It Happens Every Spring – Ray Milland is a crazy Cardinals fan and scientist who discovers a potion that can make objects be repelled by wood. He try's out, makes the team and you can guess the rest. Only now it seems someone has been applying it to the bats of Cano, Granderson, Swisher and A-rod. I have been watching the Yanks play since 1960 and this is the worst post season performance I've ever seen. In '63 they got swept by the dodgers in 4 but they had Koufax on the mound for 2 of them – the Tigers have Phil Cook, the Orioles unleashed Joe Saunders and Darren O'day. I was at the stadium in '76 when we got swept by the Big Red Machine, but at least Munson hit around 500 and Catfish pitched great. These last 2 weeks have been so abysmal they've driven me back to watching the Jets. If it weren't for the starting pitching and Ibanez I would have started kicking the cat, and I don't have a cat.

  10. not to get too academic here, but has anyone heard of the term "reversion to the mean"…it means we aren't this bad and hopefully a 7-game series is enough time to give us to turn it around…cano needs to take outside pitches to left, a-rod needs to stand 6 inches further away from the plate to eliminate the outside from his head and focus on the inside heat they are stuffing him with, swish needs to stop trying to hit a 5-run home run on every swing, and grandy needs to do the same (and talk to rafael soriano's agent about how he got a huge contract even though he can't hit a curve)…agree with above that gardy needs to play RIGHT NOW in center w ibanez in left and ichiro in right…and then everyone needs to calm down and remember you don't win 95 games by sucking as bad as we have the last few days…a big run and blow-out is hopefully right around the corner…it's 2 games of a 7 game series…RELAX