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11 thoughts on “ALCS Game 3 lineups: Gardner/Nunez in, A-Rod/Swisher out

  1. Gardner and Ichiro reminds me a lot of the '03 Marlins and how the top of that lineup was so speedy and a huge sparkplug for their offense. It would be great to see a repeat! I have a lot of faith in these guys to turn it around and start hitting. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!

  2. I like playing Granderson over Swisher. Being back in Detroit could get him going. He, Gardner and ichiro also give the Yanks their best OF alignment for Hughes, a flyball pitcher.

  3. This is absolutely horrible. Its mind boggling that Ibanez (.200 avg) against Verlander is starting. Chavez has horrible number against Verlander. Its horrible. They need to stop jerking around Alex. Alex can't pinch hit. Either they need to bench Arod for rest of the post season and be done with it rather than pinch hitting for it or not starting it at all. This is absolute horrendous. Alex is the ONLY hitter in the lineup except Ichiro who has great numbers against Verlander. This year alex has taken Verlander deep for a 455 feet HR. This is ridiculous. They need to stop Jerking him around and quit signaling him out. Horrible. I swear and pray that the YANKEES LOSE today so everyone can get off of Arods back and stop blaming him and only him for the lost. BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR and that As*h*le has decided to play Kurtis over Arod? WTF is he thinking? Joe is saying he trust kurtis MORE than Arod. Kurtis struck out 195 times this year and he can't lay off of a off speed pitch whether in the strike zone or not. Just horrible.

  4. Hey Moiuz, how do you REALLY feel?

    Arod is lost at the plate right ow against righties. He can't put a good at bat together. He should be a platoon hitter until he gets his stroke back.

    • I think the pendulum has swung way too far with ARod. Chavez isn't doing much and ARod is shoulding way too much of the blame. Feels like girardi is managing to appease the MSM and fans.

      • Finally, you are seeing the light. I have been saying it since day 1. But hey look at the bright side. When the Yankees lost tonight ( i hope not but i think they will ) then no one should Blame A-Rod because he is not playing today.

  5. I would have done this: Gardner, Ichiro, Cano, Tex, Ibanez, Martin, Arod 3b, Chavez DH, nix or nunez

  6. Thinking Arod is taking too much blame is one thing….

    Actually rooting against THE TEAM so that he won't take blame in the media for the team winning with him benched??? really???

    If you want evidence that maybe Arod's presence just isn't good for this team and fanbase going forward, this is it