Tigers Take A Commanding 3-0 Lead In The ALCS

Things to say about this game:

The offense struggled again.

Justin Verlander dominated.

Eduardo Nunez shocked the hell out of everyone by hitting a home run off of Verlander who had come out to pitch the ninth to try and get a complete game victory. He didn’t but the Tigers still won the game.

And the Yankees pitchers held the scary Tigers offense to only two runs.

Some positives:

  • Robinson Cano finally snapped his 0fer with a hit in that same ninth inning.
  • The batters overall all had better at bats and made more contact – Verlander only had three strikeouts – but ran into bad luck.
Some negatives:
  • Phil Hughes having to leave the game early due to a balky back.
  • The Yankees waiting until the ninth inning to do anything worthwhile offensively.
Joe Girardi said after the game they need to win tomorrow and see what happens next. Um, as I used to say in elementary school, “No duh!” If they don’t win, you all go home.

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3 thoughts on “Tigers Take A Commanding 3-0 Lead In The ALCS

  1. A chance to do to Detroit what Boston did to the Yankees in 2004? With another inevitable loss, this will be three straight eliminations at the hands of Detroit, which has apparently replaced the Angels as the Yankees latest post-season nemesis. If Granderson and Swisher are released (about 70 HRs but nearly 400 strikeouts?), a decent defensive and maybe even offensive outfield (in terms of batting average) of Jeter in left, Gardner in center, and Ichiro in right might be coming up next year (hopefully, Jeter will swallow some ego and use the ankle injury as the excuse to make the long overdue switch to the outfield). CC could pitch a perfect 9-inning game tonight and they would probably still lose 1-0 in extra innings.

    • Granderson’s option will be picked up, it would make no sense not too. At the worst he could be traded and you’d get something back.

      I can’t see Jeter moving off SS, especially after the year he just had with the bat, he’s likely in not in a place where he’ll admit he’s lost anything.

      I personally would love to see what Granderson might draw in the trade market, but you could do worse than an outfield of Granderson-Gardner-Ichiro, if Ichiro takes a modest one year deal.

  2. after Nunez’s HR in the ninth, the Yankee’s had a great chance to win the game when Leyland took out Verlander, except that he refused to replace him with Valverde.