Baseball America’s draft report card for the Yankees

Baseball America has released their draft report cards for 2012 and the Yankees’ is one of the handful that do not require a subscription. They singled out fifth round pick Robert Refsnyder as the best pure hitter drafted by New York. The outfielder from the University of Arizona started his career in Charleston this season, after winning the College World Series. Peter O’Brien (second round) is cited as the best power hitter, but he is a big question mark defensively at catcher. Corey Black (fourth round) and top pick Ty Hensley got nods for having the best fastballs, while Nick Goody (sixth round) was mentioned as having the best debut and being closest to the majors. Goody, a closer for LSU worked his way up to the Tampa Yankees with a combined 1.12 ERA over 32 games, averaging 14.6 Ks per nine and a 5.78 K/BB ratio. Austin Aune, Taylor Dugas, Saxon Butler and others are all mentioned as well so make sure to check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Baseball America’s draft report card for the Yankees

  1. Thanks, Tamar. Looks like you've swamped their server; but I'll be sure to try later.

    Wonder if there are any good 3rd basemen there. ;)

  2. ah – back on line. Sure looks promising – just what I needed to read after watching THIS year's team "play."

  3. Yeah, I personally thought it would be nice to have a look at the future given the last week of playoffs. The Yankees have some interesting prospects but you never know what's going to happen. I just wish a few more of them were closer to the majors right now…