Can Everybody Just Get Off A-Rod’s Nuts??

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(The following was originally posted yesterday afternoon at An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Seriously. It’s getting out of control. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s A-Rod attracting all this negative attention and drama, because that’s what’s always followed him around his whole career and that’s always been SOP since the day he joined the Yankees and the New York media horde that follows them. What surprises me is how logic has completely gone out the window when talking about A-Rod and his struggles and his future in the organization. It’s almost as if everybody has been sent back through a time warp to 2006-2007 when bagging on A-Rod for anything and everything was the “cool” thing to do and it’s absolutely asinine.

Wake up, people. Alex Rodriguez is 37 years old, going on 38. His body has been breaking down for the last few years now, and he came back early from a broken hand that is more than likely still affecting him and his lack of power. He’s not on steroids anymore, or at least if he is they sure aren’t working for him, and what is happening to his body and his baseball skills are completely natural for a player his age. Yes, he’s swinging the bat incredibly poorly, there’s no denying that. But he wasn’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball for most of this season anyway, and his numbers against right-handed pitching have been ugly across the board since Day 1 this season. A poor postseason like the one he’s had, combining all those factors together as an explanation, really isn’t all that unexpected and should not be leading to this high a level of media insanity.

A-Rod has always been an easy target in New York because of who he is, certain things he’s said and done, and the money he makes. But to use those things as justification for piling on now is just childish, lazy, and completely irrational. He’s not being paid $29 million dollars this season because he was expected to be an offensive powerhouse; he’s being paid for past performance, past performance that I might remind everyone includes him almost single-handedly carrying the Yankees through the first 2 rounds of the 2009 playoffs. Remember all the high fives you were giving your friends and the awesome t-shirts and hats you got to celebrate that title? All of that goes away with A-Rod in ’09. Don’t bring up the money he’s making now like it’s some kind of guarantee that he should still be great all the time.

And don’t even get me started on the whole “trying to get a chick’s number in the stands” situation. If you don’t think that act or some variation of it is common practice in professional baseball and professional sports in general, you are delusional. Joe DiMaggio was a womanizer, Mickey Mantle got around, and Derek Jeter has been banging a steady stream of chicks and sending them on their way with gift baskets for years. He did it in early 2011 when he flat out sucked at the plate, and I guarantee he did it this season when he was great. No one in the media was jamming a microphone in Jeter’s face to explain that situation and the impact it had one of his 0-4, 2 GIDP days last season or the .572 OPS with 8 strikeouts that he put up in 25 PA in last year’s postseason, and no one should be jamming a mic in Alex’s face now about his situation when he wasn’t even in the game.

When it’s not only callers on WFAN and ESPN Radio discussing trading A-Rod like it’s a real possibility but the Michaels Kay and Francesa themselves, you know things have gone too far. Does anybody actually believe that the Yankees are going to be able to move that contract? And even if they do, do you actually believe that they would be able to do it without paying the lion’s share of it and get anything of value back in return? If so, please direct your attention to this post by Mike Eder and kindly read it to get back in touch with reality. Alex Rodriguez is not going anywhere. He’s not going anywhere if he’s in or out of the lineup, hitting or not hitting, macking on chicks in the front row of a game he’s not even playing in or sitting on the bench stonefaced and mopey like everybody seems to want him to be. I’m sorry that everybody is unhappy about how he’s performed this postseason, I am too, but it’s not quite as simple as DFA’ing Justin Thomas or demoting Francisco Cervelli, so don’t try to talk or think like it is.

A year or two ago, I might have been joining this feeding frenzy on Alex Rodriguez’s tattered carcass. But I feel like I’ve matured since then as a Yankee fan and a writer, and I’ve made a great effort to write about A-Rod’s postseason struggles in a reasonable, rational way. He’s sucked in these playoffs, hard. And that fact isn’t lost on me. But that’s all that really matters to me and that’s all that really should matter to anybody. He had sucked on the field and been a contributing factor to the team’s offensive struggles in their 8 playoff games. But so has Robinson Cano, so has Curtis Granderson, guys who are in their prime and trying to earn big new contracts like the one A-Rod got years back. They’ve actually been worse than A-Rod and haven’t taken a fraction of the crap for it that he has.  That’s the real story, that’s what people should be talking about, and that’s why the Yankees are down 0-3 done in this series.

If you want to boo A-Rod for putting up 0-fers and striking out a lot, fine. But if you want to spin it into something about what a big piece of sh*t he is for what he’s doing off the field, or pin the ridiculous contract that the Steinbrenners fell all over themselves to give him on him like some kind of iron-clad reason for why he HAS TO CARRY THE TEAM at age 37, just grow up. It’s bad enough to have to be bombarded with that garbage from the hacks who write for Page 6 and the mouthbreathers like Curt Schilling, John Kruk, and Co. on ESPN. It’s worse when regular people who fancy themselves intelligent baseball fans buy into it.

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11 thoughts on “Can Everybody Just Get Off A-Rod’s Nuts??

  1. I pretty much agree with this whole article. People need to give it a rest with dumping it all on A-rod, especially when he hardly played in the ALCS.

  2. Possibly the best blog post I’ve read. I’m so tired of the A-Rod mutilation when therecare so many other more far reaching problems with this team and organization to be concerned with. Thanks for the excellent dose of perspective.

  3. yeah he’s being paid on past performances but that’s only half of it, he’s being paid for past performances with the hope that he’ll keep posting a-rod like numbers more or less for a nice a portion of his contract.
    yeah dimaggio, mantle, and jeter have had there “fun” with the ladies but i doubt any of them ever tried a pick up girl during an actual game, let alone during a playoff game. it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t playing that day it was wrong. your head should be in the game with your teammates even if your not playing.
    even with all that i do agree with you on the a-rod bashing. he’s coming off an injury and he might have needed more time to get back into the swing of things but unfortunately he didn’t have that time. when he was playing it really seemed like he was trying (maybe to much)and i can’t knock him for that. swisher, granderson, and cano…. and especially cano were much worse.

  4. @davy Mickey Mantle–according to his own testimony–got a blow job during a game. Google mantle and blow job.

    So, no.

  5. No, Brad, I will not “just get off A-Rod’s nuts”.

    First off, A-Rod only wanted to be a Yankee because he wasn’t winning with the Rangers. He could’ve signed with the Yanks after 2000 or whenever he became a free agent and why not? The Yanks just came off of their third straight World Series title and fourth one in five years, and they went to their fourth straight World Series, fifth one in six years in 2001. He chose the big payday with Texas then bitched his way off the team. Well, the Yanks granted A-Rod’s wish to be on a World Series contender, put him in position to actualize his dream of a World Series appearance AND championship ring, and he actualized it thanks to the other 24 plus guys on the team besides him. I will always be grateful for his 2009 postseason and helping the Yanks win their last World Series title, but let’s not forget that he had to show up in the postseason sometime considering he pulled a vanishing act in the form of several POSTSEASONS (not plate appearances) without an RBI after Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS.

    Second (looong second), A-Rod didn’t want to remain a Yankee like Sabathia wanted to remain a Yankee because (A-Rod) opted out of his contract after 2007. Yes, A-Rod had a contractual right to opt out as the Yanks didn’t get him to drop that opt out clause, but Sabathia had one, too. ‘Thing is Sabathia didn’t opt out to hold the Yanks for ransom (which he most defintely could’ve done after his excellent 2009-11) nor was there an inkling he would opt out. Sabathia didn’t opt out. Instead, he took an extra year for $25M and a vesting option on his current contract. A-Rod? A-Rod was prepared to sign with the highest bidder for a second time (third if you count the Yanks’ battle to pry him away from the Red Sox when the Rangers had enough of him) and not only that, leave a team who rescued him from anonymity and perennial noncontention in Texas (after he left the organization he started with for the loser Rangers only cuz the Rangers paid top dollar.) Also, A-Rod opted out either during the Red Sox 2007 World Series clincher or immediately after it – talk about rub more salt in the Yanks’ wounds after what I call “The Midges Series”, the series where Joe Torre inexplicably didn’t take his team off the field until the midges pestering Joba Chamberlain were cleared from the pitcher’s mound.

    The Yanks ridiculously bid against themselves and gave A-Rod a new record contract for a decade and $275M when they should’ve offered him half that (five years and $137.5M.) Had they offered A-Rod 5 years and $137.5M, this year would’ve been A-Rod’s walk year, his final season under contract, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion about him.

    The Yanks gave him a decade-long contract to be his through 2007 self for at least half of it or the first half of it. He has been that through 2007 A-Rod for exactly THREE of the first five years of his contract: the first three. It’s a safe bet that those first three years will be the only / last through 2007 A-Rod seasons we will get from A-Rod.

    Add to that his cheating with PEDs 2001-03 (which definitely opens the door to the idea he took them after that) which all but renders his possible but now unlikely homerun record break tainted, all his off the field shenangians which include that he’s a slumlord and an illegal poker game player, his womanzing which may or may have not been in effect with a lady or two in the stands during Game 3 of the 2012 ALCS, and his pathetic production 2011-12 and the Yanks have rightfully had it with him.

    He has been grossly overpaid and costs so much the Yanks will have to eat most of his remaining salary to get rid of it.

    In the end Alex Rodriguez will earn $28M in 2012, $25M in 2013, $21M in 2014, $20M in 2015, and $20M in 2016 plus $6M for each of these five homerun milestones: 660, 714, 755, 762, and 763 for up to $144M, $114M of that guaranteed, no matter where he plays (Yanks, Marlins, Dodgers, Red Sox etc.) So cry me a river about A-Rod or his nuts.

    A-Rod has had it his way his entire career save Game 3 of the 2012 ALDS on and it’s about time he hasn’t had it his way.

    Get off the Yanks and Yank fans’ nuts cuz remember: we (the fans) never wanted A-Rod, A-Rod wanted to be a Yankee, the Yanks obliged him, traded a kid who today, in 2012 is better than A-Rod and has still made twice as many World Series appearances as a Yankee as A-Rod has (Soriano) to get him. 2011-12 Soriano > 2011-12 A-Rod. I was a fool for thinking the Cubs would swap Soriano for A-Rod. Most of us wanted the Yanks to let go of A-Rod when he decided to be a free agent because ya know, his first record contract of $252M wasn’t enough money for him. To hell with the four years he was with the Yanks when he was relevant again (two ALMVPs.) To hell with the Yanks rescuing him from anonymity and perennial noncontention.

  6. Wait, your objections to Arod are that 1) he wanted to win, and 2) he wanted to make money?

    Wow. Horrible things, both of them.

  7. Interesting comparison made towards the end with Granderson and Cano.Yes they did have worse postseasons. Also like A-Rod,one or both also need to go.Granderson really needs to go,it’s like watching Pedro Cerrano in major league.The .226 batting avg may work in a line up where you have 2 or 3 guys around him batting .300 to pick up the risp slack.It doesn’t work when you have Tex and Swisher doing the same thing.
    Cano I think is young enough to be saved from this. Get rid of whomever is influencing him to dead pull and bring back Larry Bowa to keep his ass in line.IF that or something like that works give him the Boras contract,otherwise trade him at the deadline next year.

  8. I’ve matured to the point where I don’t worry about what a lot of other fans do. They can cheer or boo as they want, and write about it the way they see it. I engage with those I find interesting, and stay glad that there’s so much to read when I feel like reading about the Yankees.