Granderson getting his eyes checked

Holy smokes! For weeks I have been joking in the comments that maybe Curtis Granderson should get his eyes checked. It was a joke based on his prodigious swing and miss rate as the strikeouts piled up. But the New York Daily News reports that Granderson is indeed going to get his eyes checked to see if that is part of the problem. Jay Jaffe, upon seeing the news, speculated that bad vision could have also led to Granderson’s bad routes to balls in center field.

Heck, if better vision turns Granderson’s clock back to where he was not such a liability in center and could make contact with the baseball more often in 2013, it makes sense to pursue that angle as a root cause of his problems. The Yankees have already picked up his option for 2013 and though he does not have a n0-trade option and could be dealt, the possibility is also strong that Granderson is in the Yankees’ plans for the coming season.

It’s just weird when a joke turns into news.

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12 thoughts on “Granderson getting his eyes checked

  1. This would be a great thing if it helped out Grandy. If he makes more consistent contact and improves his defense while maintaining his power numbers, he easily becomes an MVP candidate again.

  2. Hopefully trading him for young fielders will be easier. The little Stiens are an embarrassment to their father's legacy allowing players like this and bad gm decisions to help empty the stadium.

    • This GM is the same one their father was happy to go with for what, ten years before his death. This player is about a gazillion times better than many of the retreads, flavour-of-the-months and has-beens that their father had a habit of installing over the advice of his staff. This narrative about how awesome George was was never true and gets really tired when cited in circumstance like these.

  3. This was no joke. While he never got great reads in CF, it was obvious this year that something was not right. And while he was always a fairly high strikeout guy, this was ridiculous. As the season wore on, his ability to recognize off speed and breaking pitches became almost non-existent. Surprised they didn't do this sooner. I remember a story about the Yankees doing this with Maris back in 1961 before he got hot. Hope they're able to correct whatever's wrong with him. There's too much talent there to be this futile.

  4. With Granderson's regression as a defender, I'm thinking that Gardner is now a better option for center field.