Yankees have no interest in retaining Swisher

In more news that should surprise no one, Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees will be extending Nick Swisher a one year qualifying offer for a return in 2013, but have “no interest” in offering their right fielder a multi-year contract. The qualifying offer would allow them to collect draft pick compensation if Swisher signs elsewhere, and will come to about $13.5 million this winter. Swisher is unlikely to accept that, however, and will probably hit the open market in search of a contract similar to the one Washington gave Jayson Werth two winters ago.

Swisher hit .272/.364/.473 with 24 home runs during the regular season this year and was second on the team in OBP (Robinson Cano led the team with a .379 mark), but this has been expected since before the season began. Not only has Swisher struggled in the postseason during his entire tenure in pinstripes, but the contract he’s likely to command won’t comfortably fit in with ownership’s plan to reduce payroll to below the luxury tax threshold for the 2014 season. Heyman specifically ties the Yankees’ lack of interest in Swisher to their payroll plans, saying that the former is “mostly about” the latter.

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10 thoughts on “Yankees have no interest in retaining Swisher

  1. I'm bummed by this even though I knew it was inevitable. Swisher is incredibly LIKEABLE, and in an era of malcontents and zero-personalities, Swisher was FUN to watch. He plays just like you WANT your players to lay, leaving it all out there, totally open to the fans for better or worse.

    His October struggles were unfortunate, but I loved his time in pinstripes, if this is indeed the end.

    Hell, I remember when I was entrusted to break the news of the trade to NY, before twitter really took off, only to have Jerry Crasnick break it less than a minute ahead of me. You can checkmthe archives, really. Good times indeed.

    • I agree that he was the perfect "Yankee." I knew this was coming, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

  2. For the money that he'll command, there's no way they can keep him. If he took less to stick around, and for less years, it would be a much harder decision. The guy may be fun to watch at times, but it's not fun to watch all the 0 for 4's when he is in a cold streak. He lost that high OBP ability pretty quickly.

  3. A few thoughts:
    I'm not sure Swisher will get that big a contract.
    He has averaged 2.5 WAR durng his 4 years with the Yanks, and less than that over his career.
    As comparison, Werth averaged a 3.75 WAR in his 4 years with the Phillies.
    And nobody thinks the Werth contact was a good one (except for Werth)
    Nick is really a $12m guy.

    Question: What will it cost the Yankees in 2013 to get a decent RFer? I don't think there are any internal options.

    It Nick would go for it, should the Yankees offer 4/$50m?

    • It's funny how the mention of 12 million per year for an average outfielder is normal. In all reality EVERY PLAYER IS OVERPAID. Realistically Swishernis probably a 2 million a year kind of player and that is too high.

      • Realistically? What's realistic in a $7b per year business? Would you rather the owners make more or the players? Are you normally pro-management? I'm a pro-labor guy, but then again, no one has made me a partner in anything.

  4. Ichiro at a fraction of the money will be a great fit. Although Ichi is a getting old he still has great wheels, great defense with a cannon and hit very well with the bombers. Jeter and him at the top of the lineup would be excellent table setters

  5. I can't stand another season of 200 K's from Granderson knowing that the Yankees valued him more than Swisher. I understand the move from the money point at least a little ( although i still think Granderson should be traded or left to leave in hopes of a Hamilton signing.)This just really agitates me and i hope Swisher goes on to have a hugely successful career and brings his happiness and joy to the next team he plays for. Guess Ichiro is in right next season though, which doesn't upset me at least.

  6. They must extend Swisher, Martin and any other potential free agent a qualifying offer. If they all accept the offers, then the reoster will still be strong. If some do and some don't, then at least you'll have the extra draft picks to try and fortify the system for future years. And while Granderson's option is being picked up, the scuttlebutt is the Yanks are going to try and trade him. What they'll get is problematic, because he'll be on his walk year, but at least something will be coming back in return. And forget about Josh Hamilton. He might be as big a drama queen as Rodriguez and the last thing this franchise needs is the off field distractions he'll bring. He has an entourage to keep him from falling off the wagon. No need to bring that headache here.