Yankees will make qualifying offer to Soriano

If Rafael Soriano opts out of his current contract with the Yankees, as expected, the Yankees will make him a qualifying offer in order to receive draft pick compensation if Soriano signs elsewhere. That comes via Jon Heyman on Twitter, who also observes that, if Soriano were to accept the $13.3 million qualifying offer, he’d stand to make an extra million dollars in 2013 between the salary and the buyout of the final year of his current deal. It’s highly unlikely he’ll accept that, however, and the Yankees are not expected to make him an extension offer if he does indeed become a free agent.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees will make qualifying offer to Soriano

  1. I 'm good with this. Sori saved our bacon this year but I still hope he opts out. Can't say for sure if Mo is coming back, but that could have meant $29m tied up in 2 RPs. That's just insane!

  2. Are people so sure about this? Considering Mo's age, And coming back from this injury, Soriano Might be the better reliever from this point forward

  3. I'd be interested to hear the reasoning behind offering him that much. Is it really worth the extra draft pick to pay even more than the already-way-over-the-odds amount of his contract?

    Is it unthinkable, say, that his production out of the bullpen, which was great this year and modest last year, could not be reproduced for a fraction of the cost and that extra money invested in International scouting/ recruitment or whatever. I'd love to have someone like Cespedes on board right now, for example.

    • The reason they are offering him the qualifying offer is bc he will almost certainly not sign it. When another team signs him to a multiyear extension they will forfeit a 1st round pick to the Yankees. Soriano wants to close, he has said this several times. When another team offers him multiple years to do so for their team he will sign.

  4. Soriano's a guy who was great this year but that the Yankees can also part with. A long-term solution at the closer spot and younger pitching in general is highly desirable, though.

  5. Let him walk.If Mo can't go,giver Robertson an EXTENDED look as closer,not 3 games. Joba looked good towards the end there,maybe he can share 8th inning with Aardsma