Thank you for a great 2012 season

To Brien: I don’t always agree with you and that’s completely acceptable. I don’t want a team of yes-men/-women here. I wanted people who aren’t afraid to put their thoughts out for public consumption and who isn’t concerned about being wrong. You have done a great job in my absence. I will continue to put my trust in you; you’ve earned it. Rock on, brother.

To Tamar: If I could award a “Most Improved Writer” trophy, you would be the hands-down winner. You have brought up our level of minors coverage and made this place a turn-to for anything minor league focused, and that’s no small feat. Kudos.

To William: Your ability to channel what Larry and I used to champion, measured rationality, is spot-on. Your off-day look-backs into Yankees history is among my most favorite things introduced this year. Thank you for joining us. You’ve made a tremendous difference.

To the rest (Gabe, Stacey, Hippeaux, Larry, Will, Daniel, Anna, Josh W., Josh K., Bexy): Thanks for taking the time to contribute when time permitted this season. Whether a new contributor (like Stacey and Gabe, to a lesser extent) to those who have chosen to step away for various, excellent reasons, thank you. You are always welcome here. And to those who have contributed in prior years, thank you again. Anyone I missed, my apologies.

To all of you, the readers: You are the reason why I started this little slice of the web back in 2007. The daily banter, but in a coherent, non-fanboy way. Legitimate discussions and discourse without the allcaps flaming and bashing that happens elsewhere. You take the time to read and contribute to our work and we are ALL extremely grateful. So please continue to speak up, engage, discuss, debate, defend. It makes this whole site work better!

Again, to all of my IIATMS team and all of the readers: Thank you.

Onto 2013!


Update (Brien): I was going to write a similar post myself, but since Jason beat me to it I’ll second his sentiments, while adding a few quick thoughts of my own. First of all, I can’t thank the rest of the editors here enough. You guys are a great help and a great team to work with, and we absolutely couldn’t do what we do without all of you. And, of course, thanks to everyone who reads the site, whether multiple times a day or once a week. All of you collectively keep this fun, even when it starts to feel like work on occasion.

I’d also like to send a quick thank you to the guys at SNY. They’ve been extremely helpful this year, and even provided me with the opportunity to cover a game in person, which was definitely the experience of a lifetime (at least for the first time). Hopefully we can continue to build on this and have an even better 2013!

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3 thoughts on “Thank you for a great 2012 season

  1. Thank YOU, Jason, for continuing this site under the new sponsorship. I'll admit, I was nervous when you first mentioned it; then, with you having to spend time at your day job, with you and Larry fading toward the background, again, I got nervous. (Old people HATE change)

    For what its worth, Brien has carried on in an admirable fashion, only slapping me down once or twice a week. (and Jason – do folks actually ONLY check this place only once or twice a week?)

    William – glad you came on board, it took me until the end of the season to realize you also had your very own site full of good stuff.

    Thanks again to everyone – you guys made this my first stop for following my favorite team. When y'all got busy with the day jobs, yes, I'd stray to MSM – but given a choice, I'd never leave.

  2. Love this site. Always great to come on here. As I've said before, makes the bad times easier and the good times better.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hear, hear! And as a reader and commenter, let me say thanks to my fellow readers and commenters. One of the most refreshing things about this site is the general experience thoughtfulness and civility in the comments. I'm too old and cranky to waste time on the internet with flamewars and trolls, where Godwin's Law manifests itself regularly, or where abuse is substituted for debate. Whether or not I agree with a writer or commenter, I appreciate the time you all put in — it's a sense of us, as Yankee fans, all in it together. *That's* how I want to waste time on the internet. ;-)