Red Sox nearing two year deal with Ortiz

Via Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston, the Red Sox and David Ortiz are apparently in the process of “finalizing” a two year contract for their designated hitter. The two year term has apparently been agreed to by both sides, and they’re also reportedly close on the amount of money involved. I confess, I had really hoped that Ortiz, who hit .318/.415/.611 with 23 home runs in just 383 plate appearances this year, would be a Yankee in 2013, but if the Red Sox have indeed agreed to give him a two year contract you can pretty much forget about him going anywhere else. Alas, my dream of seeing Big Papi attacking the short porch for the good guys is probably dead now.

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8 thoughts on “Red Sox nearing two year deal with Ortiz

  1. nooooo to ortiz clogging up the DH unless there is a ready made arod trade he would sign off to you're not telling us about

  2. What about signing Jeff Keppinger who's a FA from the Rays as the Super Utility Infielder/DH. He certainly looks like an upgrade over what the Yankees presently have and being from the Rays and playing in the AL East he knows what to expect.

  3. Papi wants $25m but the Sox are barking. My guess is Dave could get 2/$30m, if not at least 1/$18m. Sox taking advantage of his loyalty.

  4. Did you see that the always classless Bobby Valentine ripped Ortiz on Costas's show for "deciding not to play" anymore after the megatrade with the Dodgers? And this is after Ortiz defended him during and after the season, repeatedly saying the horrible season was not Valentine's fault and that Valentine was always supportive of him. Yeah, until Bobby V decided to throw Big Papi under the bus. What a little punk that guy is.

    • Yeah, and of course by "quit" he didn't mean "showed up, didn't play hard, and cashed his checks," but "opted to sit on the DL with an Achilles injury he almost re-injured in his first game back." I mean, how dare he do that after the front office officially raised the white flag on the season?

    • Actually, considering how quickly the Red Sox agreed to a new contract with him, I wonder if Papi and their front office had some sort of agreement that, if he healed up rather than chase a new contract, Boston would take care of him in free agency?