Joe Girardi’s final press conference of 2012

So Joe Girardi had a press conference today, the final one of the 2012 season.

Nothing particularly earth shattering was revealed. There were no surprise ailments or injuries to key players. He also said there weren’t any nagging injuries that the coaching staff didn’t know about it. Apparently, the majority of the offense came down with a bad case of suckitis at the same time.

Some more highlights:

  • Girardi said he expects all of his coaches to return so if there’s anyone who was hoping for a Kevin Long firing, sorry.
  • CC Sabathia has not seen Dr. James Andrews yet. Sabathia was planning on getting his elbow checked out. Girardi said Sabathia is expected to be ready for Spring Training.
  • Girardi also revealed that he has not spoken to Alex Rodriguez since the end of the postseason. Girardi added that A-Rod was totally healthy during the playoffs and that the plan is to have Rodriguez be the everyday third baseman next season. We’ll see about that one. I remember when A.J. Burnett was going to be in the starting rotation this season.
  • Girardi was asked about Ichiro Suzuki and he said he isn’t sure the Yankees will bring Ichiro back but that he enjoyed being around him.
  • He was asked about the lack of crowd noise during the playoffs and said that the lack of offense probably had something to do with it. Yeah, ya think? It’s not some massive conspiracy. The crowds were loud when they were scoring and quiet when they weren’t.

See? Nothing crazy to see here. I’ll admit I’m disappointed. I was convinced everyone on the offense contracted some weird illness that caused them to forget how to hit a ball. Oh well.

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4 thoughts on “Joe Girardi’s final press conference of 2012

  1. it's all about the money, stupid

    You can play the 'struggles against RHP' card all you want, we all know arod should have been in the lineup in game 3 and 4 against detroit.. i was ok with what happened in the baltimore series, but the yankees cut their nose to spite their face in the ALCS… once jeet went down they needed arods presence imho.. and it's all about his remaining contract and trying to make his life as miserable as possible so he agrees to give back a chunk in a buyout or trade or whatever… sure, it hurt the team in the 2012 postseason… but it's all about the financial plan, baby!!

    • Uh, you don't think his inability to make contact had anything to do with it?? A-Rod is ridiculously overpaid and the Yankees are totally to blame for it. They could have let him walk as he had opted out but they wanted him in NY when he hit his 600th HR……signing him to the contract they did was one of the stupidest moves I've ever seen in close to 50 years of watching and following Baseball. This 16 year run the Yanks are on did not start by signing free agents to ridiculous contracts, it started by building up the farm system and letting young players develope.
      I think it is time to let Jeter, MO and Petite retire. Get rid of A-Rod any freakin' way you can…let the farm system supply your players and 'suffer' through a few down seasons until the younger talent emerges……

      • the yankees have no one to blame but themselves for the arod contract… no one put a gun to their head and told them to spend at least 50 million more and a year or two past what they needed to…… look in the mirror, hank

        as for letting guys go… i mean, i want arod here… itd have to be a good deal to move him, paying him 114 million to help somebody else is moronic..

        and let's calm down…. trust me, when spring training rolls around ull be glad to see jeter, rivera, and pettitte back in pinstripes

        • No, I think it is time to move on, accept not having an All-Star team for a few years and retool the farm system…….it won't happen, but that is what I hope for.