UPDATED: Is Rivera Having Second Thoughts?

An unnamed source told ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand that Mariano Rivera may be having second thoughts about playing in 2013 and could possibly retire this winter.

Now, before everyone begins to have a conniption fit, remember that Mo usually gets the urge to want to spend more time with his family then it passes and he shows up with the rest of the pitchers in Tampa for Spring Training.

Also, in my humble opinion, I really don’t think that Mariano Rivera wants to end his Hall of Fame career with one of his last moments in a Yankee uniform being footage of him writhing in pain and grabbing his knee, on the warning track of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, do you?

And considering how hard he worked to rehab his knee after his surgery, I can’t see him hanging it up just yet. (Let’s hope I’m right.)

So everyone take a deep breath, remember that this sort of story comes out every offseason and that until we hear the words, “I’m going to retire from the game of baseball,” from Rivera’s mouth, to remain calm.

UPDATED: Well, Marchand just tweeted that Rivera told Cashman on Tuesday that he was unsure whether he’d return or retire.

Cue the panic.

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6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Is Rivera Having Second Thoughts?

  1. He's coming back

    Remember Rivera was a little dramatic about last year as well… nobody cares, if he's back, we're in. period.

  2. Considering how thin the FA class of 2013 is whether or not Rivera decides to come back could have a major influence on how hard the Yankees attempt to keep Soriano in the fold. Of course it would be great to have him back but in any case I hope he doesn't draw out his decision to long. Where it leave the Yankees up in the air.

  3. The way this season ENDED, I'm not surprised. I would imagine Petite would be having the same doubts. It would have been one thing, if the Yankees had gone on to march thru the post season, ending with a happy champagne party that Mo wasn't a part of.

    But it didn't work out this way – instead, the pitchers did their part and the position players stayed home. I can see a bit of a schism there. Whether there is one or not – it surely has to taint one's view of the situation, and choices to be made.

  4. I dunno….a pen of Robertson, Joba, Aardsma, Logan, Rapada, maybe a flyer on Mike Adams's health and/or a pillow contract for Madson? Might be a perfectly acceptable group and save the Yanks $12/$15 million by having Mo retire and not pursuing Soriano…

    • Don't be surprised if the Yankees give Mark Montgomery the Yankees prospect a real hard look for the bullpen for the 2013 season. He's pitched absolutely great in Tampa and Trenton in a relief role.

  5. Forgot to double the benefit…we paid Mo this year — so it's like almost $30 million in savings!