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2 thoughts on “World Series Game 3

  1. The Giants are doing a 2012 Tigers ALCS on the Tigers.

    Lincecum and Sandoval = Dual 2012 World Series MVP

    I have to say this 3-0 series lead the Giants have which should result in a sweep or 4-1 Series victory for the Giants makes me feel a little better about the Yankees offensive flopjob in the ALCS because (this series) shows that the Yankees aren’t the only ones who could be / were shut down almost completely by good pitching. Even the team who shut the Yanks down could fall victim to what they did to the Yanks.

    In fact, if the Tigers are swept tomorrow, the Yanks had a better ALCS than the Tigers World Series because at least the Yanks came back in Game 1 of the ALCS and had as much of a chance to win that game as the Tigers with homefield advantage (score a run and the Yanks 5-4.)

    No one and I mean NO ONE predicted Verlander would be hammered, Sandoval would hit not one homerun but TWO homeruns off him and THREE in one game, Lincecum would hurl 4 2/3 shutout innings across two games, and the Tigers would be shut out in back to back games and held to just three runs in three games.

    MLB is king no matter what anyone says because it’s such an unpredictable, dramatic game.