Goodbye 2012, hello Sandy

The Giants completed their sweep of the Tigers last night, making them the 2012 World Series champions and officially closing the book on the 2012 season. Given how things went for much of the season, I honestly can’t say I’m that sad to see it go. Hopefully 2013 is a more fortuitous, and healthy, year for the Yankees.

Though their won’t be any more meaningful game for the next five months, the offseason now officially begins, and it promises to be an eventful one with some pretty big changes for the Yankees. You can look here for a full schedule of milestone days between now and the winter meetings, but suffice it to say that free agency opens on Saturday, and some fairly big decisions on options, qualifying offers, etc., will have to be made before then. Unfortunately, the Northeast is going to be battered by Hurricane Sandy as all of this is going on, which will put something of a damper on the enthusiasm for the promise of a new year, to say the least. We’ll do our best here at IIATMS to cover everything as it happens, but you should probably expect some storm related interruptions.

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