Surviving Sandy

Just a quick non-baseball note: we have all been affected by Hurricane Sandy and her vicious attack on the East Coast. I have power, thankfully, but no phone/cable/Internet. I know Brien with without power and might be for a few days. Hope you and yours are safe.

Use the comments below as your open thread, share your pictures and experiences, status. We’re a small family here. Let us know you are OK.

We will try to cover any relevant news but please note that access is limited.

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7 thoughts on “Surviving Sandy

  1. Brien here. Power is out at my house, but otjer local.spots are fine. Other than that we came through without a scratch. Hoping to be back onine soon and hope all of you are okay wherever you are.

  2. Glad to hear you've come thru. I'm miles away in Iowa, but have quite a few friends from Mass to Maryland. So far, most have come thru with minimal loss. (of course, the ones who got hammered likely have more to do than post comments.)

  3. I'm in Houston enjoying a little taste of Autumn right now before temperatures go back into the upper 80's the rest of the week but my thoughts are with all of you and hoping everyone is safe………..

  4. Parents in NJ are ok and have power thankfully, but NJ coast has been devastated. Still trying to touch base with my friend who lives in Barnegat.

  5. We live halfway up Park Slope in Brooklyn, so no power loss, no flooding, and the only damage was the fence on one side of the back yard blew over, but that needed replacing anyway. Power's out in lower Manhattan where my office is, so I'm working from home/having an unexpected vacation. I feel for all the people who are suffering so grievously, but we're ok otherwise.

  6. I'm okay (UWS of Manhattan seemed to luck out) and the rest of my family is; beach is likely a total loss. Of course, since I work from home and for a global organization I did 79 hours of work last week including through Sunday/Monday which sucked when I wanted to help my friends.