Teixeira and Cano win Gold Gloves

The Rawling Gold Glove Awards were announced today and Robinson Cano has won his second award for his work this season at second base and Mark Teiseira won his fifth for his play at first base. The announcement gave the Yankees two of the nine American League positions.

Taking a quick look at the list, the American League seems free of disputable picks this season and Cano and Teixeira certainly seemed to deserve the honors.The only possible bone of contention might be at shortstop where J.J. Hardy won his first Gold Glove. A quick look at the comments below the announcements shows that many thought Brendan Ryan should have won the award. But Hardy’s numbers are rock solid and a case can certainly be made that he deserved the award.

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12 thoughts on “Teixeira and Cano win Gold Gloves

  1. I don't disagree with the choice of Adam Jones in CF, but I don't really agree with it either. He's certainly more than worthy of the award and congratulations to him for winning, but if I had a vote it would've been for Trout. Dude's a walking highlight reel.

    • Trout only played 110 games in center while playing 67 games in left. The only beef with Adam Jones was perhaps Austin Jackson who might have outplayed Jones slightly.

        • For forty less games at a position for just this year, yes. I've got the guy for MVP, so spread some hardware around.

      • Ah my mistake I didn't realize he played that many games in left. In that case Jones it is. Either way by the time Trout's career is over (assuming this year wasn't some kind of abaurdly long fluke) he'll have remodeled his trophy room several times to make room for all the hardware he picked up along the way. I do not envy the people who have to vote for these awards. So much incredible talent in the league now and also on its way through the minors.

  2. The gold gloves lost all relevance when Pameiro won while playing a total of 20 games at first base.

      • Were the more advanced fielding statistics that prevalent or really available when Jeter won his first couple GGs? Or are you saying that even with the basic fielding percentage statistics he should not have won? I'm not arguing either way, just curious.

        Additionally, who else really should have won in those years, and of those deserving, how many were on the juice (I'm not sure that PEDs help with fielding or not)?