Rafael Soriano opts out

According to Jon Heyman, it is now official that Rafael Soriano has opted out of his contract with the New York Yankees and is a free agent. This is certainly no surprise and was long expected. Expect the Yankees to make a qualifying offer to Soriano by the deadline on Friday and then Soriano can negotiate with the Yankees and then other teams. Soriano is reportedly looking for a four year deal.

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6 thoughts on “Rafael Soriano opts out

  1. Hallelujah! Not to say that it's been a good signing: gaining a supplemental pick in the 2013 draft isn't as good as the first round pick lost in the much superior, 2011 draft. And paying him for next to nothing in 2011. All things considered, freeing up 12 mil next year is a surprise win.

    • And you know the 2013 draft will be better than the 2011 draft how?

      For that matter, given that we're talking about baseball, not the NFL or NBA, how do you how good the 2011 draft was already?

      • You're right that the exact value from a draft can't be decided until years after the draft, when prospects develop and provide value as big-leaguers. It's not that the one pick that they forfeited in 2011(from the first round) will certainly be more valuable than the one they tentatively receive for Soriano in 2013 (the supplemental round, later in the draft), but its a pretty solid bet. Aside from 2011 pick lost coming earlier than the 2013 tentative pick, and aside from the fact that the 2011 draft was widely considered extremely talent rich, and that this upcoming draft class is considered thin, a dollar today (or 2011) is better than a dollar tomorrow (2013).

  2. With the options available both internally and externally, this will provide at least some financial relief and a likely supplemental draft pick. Agree on the loss of the 2011 pick, but overall the signing did work out.

  3. I think if you had asked both Yankee Management and Yankee fans just prior to the 2011 season when he first signed with the Yankees if they would have signed Soriano's for the $22.5MM for 2 years it has cost the Yankees they would have said yes. Plus by making him a qualifying offer now that he has opted out the Yankees effectively recoup that draft choice they lost back in 2010 when they signed him. So all in all while the signing way back at the end of 2010 looked to be all one sided in Soriano's behalf it didn't work out that badly for the Yankees either. That's just my opinion.

    • I didn't like the signing; the terms were unbelievably skewed in Soriano's favor.

      But – without Soriano, does anyone see the Yankees in the ALCS? (remember, its not JUST no Mo; the team was also without Joba or Robertson for a couple months. who'd be the closer of choice – Eppley or Rapada?)

      Which may or may not have been a good thing – without him, the team wouldn't have made the playoffs, and therefore would have avoided their embarrassing 0-4 sweep.