Kuroda Would Be Okay With a One-Year Deal

Let’s file this one into the good news pile today, after hearing about poor Pascual Perez and seeing all of the destruction from Superstorm Sandy, I was really in the mood to crack a smile. So finding out that Hiroki Kuroda would be more than likely willing to accept a one-year deal from the Yankees, helped put that smile on my face.

According to numerous reports, the Yankees will be making a qualifying offer – one-year $13.3 million – to Kuroda. And according to those same reports, he will be happy to accept it. Kuroda has enjoyed his time in New York, he’s getting older and a one-year deal seems like the way to go.

He was signed last January for one year $10M so this would be a raise for him and would still be under market value so that’s good for the Yanks if he accepts it.

Kuroda was 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA in 2012 and helped the Yankees during a summer that saw them lose CC Sabathia to the DL twice and Andy Pettitte to a nearly three-month-long DL stint.

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5 thoughts on “Kuroda Would Be Okay With a One-Year Deal

  1. Imposing my own narrative on this, is it just me that perceives Kuroda as being a refreshingly secure, non-money-driven character?

  2. I assumed after the year he had he would get a multi-year deal from someone, and the Yankees wouldn't match it because of the 2014 budget constraint. If he's willing to come back on a one-year deal, even for big money, that is a huge win for the Yanks.

  3. Other reports have indicated that Kuroda wants one more year and would like to end his career pitching again in Japan, hence the desire for just a year's worth of big league money. This is definitely a good thing for the Yankees IF he can pitch somewhat as well as last year.