Yankees Looking To Part Ways With Nick Swisher

According to a report from Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees will make a qualifying offer to free-agent Nick Swisher but are counting on him not taking it.

The offer will be a one-year $13.3 million offer and will be made on Friday. Heyman says it will likely only be made to protect the draft choice.

More from Heyman’s article:

The Yankees generally are pleased with the overall production Swisher gave them in his four years in New York, but they see the era as being over after another rough postseason for Swisher. In his career, Swisher has just eight RBI in 154 postseason at-bats, with a .169 batting average and .589 OPS.

Swisher was a fan favorite for almost his whole stay in New York, but he expressed great disappointment at the fans’ booing of several Yankees in their ALCS sweep at the hands of the Tigers.

I will miss Nick Swisher a lot. He was one of the guys who was instrumental in changing the clubhouse culture in 2009 from a team full of straight laced and business-like guys to a team who came to the park and had a ball playing the game they grew up loving.

Were Swisher’s postseason failures frustrating to watch? Of course they were but Swisher was pretty great during the regular season in his four seasons in New York. He finished with a .268/.367/.483/.850 line in Pinstripes and hit 105 home runs while collecting 349 RBI from 2009-2012.

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9 thoughts on “Yankees Looking To Part Ways With Nick Swisher

  1. I share your views on him as a great influence and good guy. That's also quite a fair bit of production to replace.

  2. Bring Nick back, he's worthy of wearing the pinstripes and not only plays a good right field, but fills in very well at first base.

  3. As a pure right fielder, he can be replaced. OTOH, after watching him fill in for Tex for an extended time this season, I'll be sad to miss him.

    Yes, indeed, he flopped in the post season. If the team fires or trades everyone who flopped, the roster is mighty short.

    On the third hand – I don't want to give him 5 years at 17/yr either.

  4. Jay pretty much nailed it. I also loved Swisher not only for his personality but for his seasonal production. But a five year deal would be a burden that is not worth what his future production will likely hold. Ah well, Nick. It was fun while it lasted.

  5. "are counting on him not taking it"

    I would think that it would be better if he did take it. Having him signed at $13.3 million, which is likely still below market value, would enable a better return via trade, than with a draft pick.

  6. It's my understanding that the Angels did NOT make Torii Hunter a qualifying offer. So if he signs with another team that team will NOT have to lose a draft choice. Hunter could be the ideal player to fill in right field for the Yankees on a 1 or 2 year year deal. Then come 2015 if any 1 of the Yankee prospects that that so many are high on come though they can take over in 2015. Seems like a win/win to me.

  7. Nick has great seasons then has a combined total of a .169 BA in the postseason. For 4 years he's been a dud in the playoffs. I've been saying since midseason that they wouldn't re-sign him. I'd rather have Ichiro out in RF anyway. Give him a breather with Eduardo Nunez. Both of them hit well in the playoffs along with Jeter. I want to see them keep ARod. He's missed a lot of time over the last three seasons and he needs to come into camp in excellent shape. He also might buy his own pitching machine which throws 100 mph.

    As for Nick Swisher, good luck to you wherever you wind up.

    • It was common logic that Swisher would not be resigned because of the budget restraints set by the ownership. Nunez was in the minors most of the year so that he could have regular playing time at SS and get better defenseively at one position only. They won't be using him in the outfield unless it is in an emergency capacity.

  8. I echo the opinions in the above story and comments with the exception of getting Hunter. I underline and bold keeping Suzuki and underline the need for Swish for his abilities at first. Not to mention, which I am surprised no one else here has mentioned (at least not this time), is the fact he is a switch hitter. I understand it is All About The Money (Stupid) for the Yankees in this regard because of their future payroll plans – is there someone hidden away down in the minors somewhere waiting in the wings with just a year or two away from coming up? I feel that It's going to be an interesting 2013 season and a more unsettling next four years. As always, thanks!