Yankees Reassign Nardi Contreras

The Yankees have reassigned long-time minor league pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras and have replaced him with Gil Patterson.

From the New York Post:

Gil Patterson was hired as minor league pitching coordinator. Patterson had been a candidate to become pitching coach after Dave Eiland’s departure two years ago and most recently worked with the A’s. The former Yankees pitcher replaces Nardi Contreras, who will stay with the organization.

Contreras was instrumental in developing the “Joba Rules” and pitching count guidelines while holding his coordinator position. He will remain within the organization.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees Reassign Nardi Contreras

  1. williamjtasker

    Judging by what I perceive to be as a failure for the Yankees to cash in on their young arms to this point, this is not sad news for me. The Joba Rules were a disaster. Phil Hughes and David Robertson notwithstanding, the team's record is not that good. Hope Mr. Patterson makes a big difference.

  2. Frank S.

    As William the historian will recall, Gil Patterson was a righthanded bonus baby who pitched in 10 games for the Yanks in 1977, at the age of 21 (very young for the Yankees, even back then — recall they didn't give Gator a chance until he was 25). Patterson encountered arm trouble (too much at too young an age? Perhaps there should have been the Patterson Rules?) and then tried to make a comeback by pitching LEFThanded. Which I thought showed some pretty impressive determination. He never pitched in the bigs again, though, after that '77 season.

    • williamjtasker

      Nice stuff, Frank!

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